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My New Bike - 2002 Ducati ST 2

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by fightingtiger, May 15, 2016.

  1. Hi Team Netrider

    Finally have a new bike after I sold by Beloved Blackie 1982 Ducati Pantah 500 from this thread Project Pantah

    While I'm not planning as much project work, I do like the idea of one place to record all the work done, and also to see if something I do can add some value to others projects :)

    So - if you have an ST feel free to say hi, watch comment and hopefully enjoy.

    The beginning:

    Looking for another bike. saw this one on Bikes Sales, but then again in Just Bikes Magazine. What attracted me ?

    1. Colour - love Ducati Yellow and as a Richmond Fan, a black and yellow bike just rocks

    2. Price - the ST range are a HEAP of bike for small money - all things considered

    3. The phone number - it was a house number in country vic - tells me probably older person, tells me lots of country klms

    So I rang and spoke to the owner for around an hour. I could tell he loved the bike and was attached to it - tells me its a great bike. Met the next day, again another hour convo, the Wives also got on great - paid deposit.

    He thought the roadworthy check would take a few days to book, it was booked and done the next day in an hour. Mad rush to sort insurance and a pickup Saturday morning. Another hour long visit -they are a great couple to chat with- both have multiple bikes and despite being close to 70 each, are regular riders and tourers :)

    SO first time on a bike with gears in 2 years (have been riding the Wifes Aprilia Scooter), most power biggest bike I've ridden (it's 944cc), first time riding a bike with a dry clutch.

    So eventually left his driveway, my first release of the dry clutch meant I left a smoky mark on his driveway, my wife was watching this and apparently after the initial shock, the old owners laughed and said "he'll get the hang of it" :)

    First time I twisted the throttle in second gear my thought was "need to make sure I'm hanging on properly before I do THAT again" :)

    SO couple of photos. It's beautiful, and I'm in love again.

    I am one of those that believes some inanimate objects have a soul. I know Blackie loved the fact that I saved her from a rotting life, and she was able to get back on the road where a classic Ducati should be.

    This bike is just a Beast. Staintune pipes mean it throbs, pounds it's chest, and stares down anyone who looks sideways at it. We are getting used to each other and I think this will be a long term relationship :)

    Stay tuned for a couple of small projects to start with.



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  2. So First job on the new bike - upgrade the airfilter to a more sporty after market one. I am normally a big fan of K&N and have used them for years on cars and my other bike.

    AT the suggestion of my mechanic, I bought a BMC, racing pedigree looks good, $50 cheaper than K&N and also in stock :)

    But when I went to pick it up we realised there is a fin in the airbox which the standard filter handles, but will need mod for the BMC filter. Here are some pics, I used one of those "Dremel" like tools to remove enough of the fin so the new filter fitted snug as a bug in a rug.

    Looking forward to testing it out on next ride, not expecting anything more than maybe a slight change to intake note :)

    Next project - fit the Top box rack so I can use the top box :)

    DSC_0991. DSC_0986. DSC_0992. DSC_0985.
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  3. Pickie of new and old filter next t DSC_0989. o each other - new filter is the red one because everything red is faster :)
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  4. awesome project mate, will be watching this thread with interest, thanks for sharing.
  5. Hah welcome to the ST fold fighting tiger. Very under rated machine.Got my ST4 in jan 01, its NEVER going anywhere.enjoy.BTW, Can likely help with information if required,cheers
  6. Hi Shane have the same bike , same colour have owned it since 2006 , mine 12/2002 last of the model I believe