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My new beast

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zilly, May 14, 2009.

  1. March came around, and those pesky things called restrictions faded away into the nether-regions... and it was time to hunt for an upgrade. After test riding a few different machines I settled on the 08 WHITE GSXR600.

    It just sat there saying buy me, buy me. So I did =D

    I went to pick it up on Saturday last week, however it was pouring (added more to my frustration it was only pouring for the morning, and I couldn't get back there in the afternoon, and the rest of the weekend was sunshine). So I decided to get it delivered tonight (Thursday).

    I would like to give a big shout-out to the guys at City West Yamaha, they were awesome, and if I could touch the ground on a R6 or R1 I would definitely buy from them again.

    So without further ado, here are the mandatory pictures that is accustomed in these threads

    on the truck

    The smile still hasn't left

    In bed for the night

    More pictures can be found at GSXR600 pics
  2. Congrats.
    What a great feeling.
    Stay safe and have a ball

  3. 125cc's of cbr to that flame grilled 600! be careful!
  4. She looks sweet as. Have fun and take it easy.
  5. Your bike is very nice and your smile is even greater,
    Enjoy your new bike,
  6. keep it upright cause im guessing those injury pics are from a bike :)
  7. Looks luverly.
  8. Congratulations on your new bike zilly !
    Looks fantastic - safe, happy riding :)
  9. fuknnnnnnnn w00000000000000000t!!! :grin: :grin:

    So the question is Liz, is it going to be louder then the baby baby blade?? :LOL:
  10. awesome bike, take care on it Zilly!

    iirc the injury pics were from sport.
  11. Good work, that's a very nice lookin bike. I can only assume it would be slightly better than a CBR125! :LOL:
  12. sweet the mudguard is gone already.
  13. Mmmm, white looks awesome..

    Congrats, enjoy it every minute.
  14. eventually... but its currently not louder....

    Yep Thera got it right... the ones up there are from various sport forms...

    So far I am extremely happy with the power... just nudge the throttle and already its pulled away from the cars. Havent got it past 6k rpms... (and it goes up to 16k redline...)
  15. Note the freaky glowing red eyes that come free with any serious sportsbike purchase. ;)

    Very nice bike, ma'am, now look after yourself on it - and HAVE FUN!!
  16. gratz.

    Nice looking bike. need lots of work to keep those white rims white. :p
  17. congrats!!!! enjoy it :D
  18. Looks amazing! Congrats :)
  19. Just got word from Zilly, she said she wont exceed 130 on that bike..... i give her a week.

  20. I love chicks on sports bikes.