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My new baby's here!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. No not bike(although I did get one of them this week also :cool: ), a real baby!

    Shae Louise, born 23/2, 3100g, 51cm!


    Got the full set now, so no more babies :grin:

  2. Congratulations! :grin:
  3. Congrats, there's no better feeling! My baby girls are 14 (and taller than me) and 17 now, and still a joy every day.
  4. Congrats, mate. Mother and child doing, well, I assume? :).
  5. congrats mate
  6. Yep, everyone's doing well, just got home today so we are both 99% more relaxed now than we were yesterday. And Shae, well she just eats, sleeps and sh#ts, so she's pretty good so far.

    Now I just gotta learn how to deal with a girl! :?
  7. Congrats mate. Was going to call you about this. Had a feeling it was getting close.

    Best wishes to Mum and Bub from Sall and I. How's her big brother coping with a new sister?
  8. He's been sooooooo excited and proud of himself, but he's a bit disappointed. I think he was expecting her to come out and go and jump on the trampoline with him straight away, so, she's a bit boring right now. :LOL:
  9. Give him time, he has to formulate plans on what he can blame on her for the next 18 years yet!!
  10. Well then post pics of the bik...

    I mean, CONGRATULATIONS on your trading of sleep for offspring.
    We await your incomprehensible, bleary-eyed ramblings at 3am while you rock your latest back to sleep :)
  11. Putting batteries in the camera as we speak! :wink: :grin: ................
  12. Congrats mate !!! Glad to hear all are well.
    Hope you are lookin forward to many sleepless nights :p
    Dont stress mate, after that its all smooth sailing with little girls
    .. until they become TEENS that is :shock: :shock:

    BTW .. lovely name :wink:
  13. Very cute, congrats.

    Such a small bub!
  14. Why the wink?!?!?!?

    Shay Laren joke?!?!?
  15. Awww, she's cute!

    Congrats :)
  16. Goodonyas both
  17. Was the name I wanted to give our youngest daughter ..
    Wife won .. named her Nicole
  18. Fair enough.

    You best not google image search Shay Laren then...
  19. Congrats mate. Very cute.
    She'll look good in a Suzuki t-shirt.
  20. just did .. :shock: :shock: :p :p :shock: :shock: