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my new baby

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by al77, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. My new baby..... after a laboriuous 12 month labour I finally picked her up. Fresh off the showroom floor.


  2. ooookkkkkkay.....what ARE you doing in front of your computer?

    the day i got my 2nd bike it was pissing down and very late when i got home.

    nice bike! congrats!
  3. Lovely bit of machine that is. I'm planning on getting one in August september when I have a bit of tax return money to cover the difference between my old biek and that.

    Did you manage to talk them down in price at all? What where on roads?

    Sooo jelouse :)
  4. nice one alex hows it compared to the ol bandit?
  5. Great choice of bike, you picked the fastest colour as well!!!
    You wont be disappointed, got mine last August has 13,000k on it now, I love it!!
  6. Got PS down a bit in price, few hundred. Its my birthday today so I was going to walk out of there with a bike either way.

    I would take it for a big ride but prepping for a big night out. Now just gotta go through the painful break in period before I really open her up ;)

    As for compared to the bandit....... absolute MAGIC!!!!
  7. oh she's quite sexy can you tag me in :LOL:
  8. Sweet wheels Al :cool:

    And many happy returns for the day, what a birthday present :grin:

    Wonder if I will get one of those for my birthday :-k
  9. Same here...what's up with that? At least I had a chance to take it apart and see how it works...
  10. Nice bike, got 1000kms up on mine now :D
  11. Still thinking a a nice fat back tyre, eh Lianne??

    Nice bike, and I do like the slate-grey colour....
  12. That's just nice... nice nice nice.

    I'd personally de-sticker it and have some nice graphics applied as it's just 'that type of bike' in my opinion.

    The kind that people stare at 'cause they can't figure out what it is :D

    Either way, I truly hope you enjoy it.
  13. Lovely bike, enjoy yourself!
  14. yore a lucky bloke... have fun scrubbin her in!
  15. So hot right now :LOL:
  16. Woohoo..

    Another 675 on the road.. Ive had mine for just on a month and ive already put 2500kms.. Just watch it riding her in the wet with the OEM tyres.. Found out the rear likes to slide every 2nd corner even an moderate lean angles..

    btw, I suggest getting your bike serviced at Turn One in Kensington/nth Melb.
    Charlie at turn one is the best Triumph mechanic in Australia.. There is a waiting list so give him a call ASAP to book her for the first service..

    If you have any ?'s re: 675 just PM me..

  17. Nice bike

    ... prick :p
  18. Class unit - congratulations. Viagra on wheels!
  19. Im impressed!

    Congrats on the bike mate.
    Where's the 2nd helmet for the obvious chicks that will be wanting to hope on and go for a ride?
    Remmeber it was made to take a little abuse, but it commands respect!

    Enjoy mate and ride safe!