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My new baby!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rossc0, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Well new to me anyway. Can't sit still here at work, just want to get it home and PLAY.......!

    Will post better pics when its been delivered.

    Big Thanks to Paul (hornet600) for taking the time to swing by the dealer and give the bike a look over for me, a second opinion makes the purchase that bit easier.




  2. That's a nice bike
  3. Noice bike mate! I am very jealous, what is with yellow bikes?

    Well done to another Netrider helping out, good onya Paul/Hornet
  4. Sweet, love the plate. and even the plates Yellow
  5. Pssssst..... take a bloody sickie..... bikes too nice to leave just sitting there,
    a mate of mine has got one of those..... great touring bike
  6. Trumpy!!!! Well done on your choice you will love it... Old school 1200 daytona, rear cowl... Yellow... nice colour..


    actualy its a great colour...
  7. Nice one. There's a few of us invading here with Triumphs now :) And even a matching numberplate (colour AND rego).

    May you have LOADS of enjoyment!!!!!!
  8. I couldn't believe how good this bike is; at over 90,000 kms there's only a couple of tiny stone chips on the lower fork legs, and none anywhere else, and the hero knobs have never been touched on the ground :shock:
  9. No point taking a sicky, doesn't get delivered till Friday, not game to jump on it and ride, Belmore to Gosford for my first trip..:-(

    Will be P**ssing around my local streets for a while, so if you pass me and I don't acknowledge you, not beeing rude, just concentrating, scared ridged or both... :shock:
  10. nice bike mate. real nice.
  11. Good on you for being different! Different make, different colour, cool!
    I reckon yellow looks great on the right bike, and that is the right bike!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Bit of a jump from a Virago 250 :) You'll feel like you are breaking the speed of light!

  13. Never had a virago, must be thinking of someone else.


  14. Thanks for the comments guys....

    Bike got delivered Friday morning and it hasn't stopped raining since, its currently pissing down, been looking at it a lot, but no riding yet :-(

  15. Pouring here in Wollongong too, Ross, so don't look for relief from the south :LOL:
  16. Can't go wrong with a Trumpy, bulletproof engines. I had a '98 black Speed Triple and it was one of my faves. Enjoy.
  17. Rain, please stop pouring coz rossc0 is waiting. =P~ =P~
  18. Sunny Sunday. WooHooo.

    Got on the road at last, only managed about 20kms but its a start, mostly stop start stuff, which showed me I need to do something with my clutch hand, was getting a bit sore by the end.

    Impressions of the bike...

    moving it around the shed, shit its heavy!

    On the road, considering the amount of time since I've ridden, this is a easy bike to ride. Very stable at slow speed, can turn it round in a surprisingly small space. With so much torque all the way through the range, just short shifted, took it easy, and enjoyed the feeling of all that power sitting there waiting for me to get confident enough to use some of it.

    Off for a refresher course with Wheel-Skills, week on friday, help me get back in the swing and point out all the bad habits i've no doubt got.

    Looking forward to meeting up at Homebush sometime, maybe September.



  19. nice bike mate, so how much does it weigh?