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My New Baby!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Captain Insano, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. As some of you know my old Trusty VTR bit the dust and after saying my sad farewells to my old girl i set out to find a new ride!!

    The search was not easy and it took me over a month to find this great deal!!

    My new Ride:
    A 2005 CBR 1000RR


    I have dreamed of this bike for many many years and especially love that exhaust under the seat and the color is exactly the one i was after.

    I bought it off Race Replica in Altona and since they are my "Local" dealership and have always taken good care of me in the past i was very much at ease about the whole thing. Race Replica not only practically gave the bike away but also took the time to give her a through check and even put on New tyres for me even though the old ones we not that bad. To beat that they even went out with me on my first ever spin around the block after an hour of telling me exactly how such a machine handled and how i have to take Baby Steps on it!! Their's is a great bunch and i highly recomend Race Replica to Everyone for all their motorcycling needs!!

    The bike's only done 6,500 kms and is in excellent condition. At the moment it has got a Micron Muffler which has a very sweet note and is already equiped with a power commander.

    I have had this baby for just over two weeks now and i have not yet stopped smiling. What a machine!! :biker:

    Now for lots and lots of practice so i can gradually master this beast. See you all out there on the Roads!!



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  2. Congrats. (y)

    Looks awesome.
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  3. Thannks LL!! I am in love 8-[
  4. Very nice. Sounds like the dealership really showed you some love.

    Great photography btw.

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  5. Good looking machine bud. If you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay for it?
  6. Thanks Q! Annd yes the dealership has always shown me great love. I have never bought any part or anything bike related off the internet as they have always given me a price close to or matched the net prices and given me the added benifit of changing my mind (even if they had specially ordered it for me). With my old bike the service department had always done a great job always and anyone who rode with me knew that VTR was one hell of a machine too!! Places like that are what its all about i recon who always seem to go above and beyond the call to make the customer happy instead of whining about the 400% markup on their stock by blaming everyone else!

    Plus the guys are great people and put it straight up no bullshit!

    As i know the dealership did me a one off special deal, i prefer not to publically disclose it here but i'll gladly PM it to you!
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  7. I have a picture in my head of the road in flames behind you - road runner style.

    Great pics!
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  8. Awesome bike mate! Gotta agree, I love the undertail exhaust, definitely be the model I'd want too (y)
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  9. Mate, nice bike and yep, great pics, enjoy as I am certain you will, now how long are you holding off before you get together with Deadman? lol just be careful but enjoy it..
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  10. Bewdiful bike Capt Insano, congrats, you might be able to give [MENTION=27267]deadman[/MENTION] a real run for his money now! And, oh....love the blue steel! :p
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  11. I was waiting for this thread and finally here it is. Congrats..

    Hope to see/hear it out on the road sometime soon. Enjoy.
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  12. That's a lovely looking machine. Wish you all the best with it.

    Nice photos too btw.
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  13. very nice lovely looking beast of a bike you have there! Enjoy and take care of your lovely baby.
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  14. Looks insane
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  15. Hehe Thanks White Frost!! I suspect it will be quite a while before i can give [MENTION=27267]deadman[/MENTION] a run for his money!!

    Am i am waiting for you to join me out there buddy. How many days now?? I am counting down!

    Thanks Mandy!

    Thanks Buddy! I indend to take very good care of her :)

    Insano's Insane Machine!! lol
  16. Haha! I like that image very much! Thank you :)

    Love that exhaust!! Thanks Dude!

    I plan to join Deadman for his Tintaldra Blackbird meet up!! He has dangled the idea of at least 5 of his roads just to get to the meet point and its too much of a temptation for me to say no 8-[. Which gives me a month before i can be half decent to be able to stay anywhere on the same vicinity with him :-s But He's a great guy and a good teacher so it is an awesome opportunity for me!!
    Thanks Goddie, i will probably have to come to the Saturday meet a few times now for some more wisdom!!
  17. By the way the credit for the Great Photographs go to my mate Neil who took the time to come and photograph my baby and play around with it!!

    I need he name her i suppose so... ANY SUGGESTIONS??
  18. "Red Dog" it looks like it bites.
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  19. Mila (Kunis)

    Natalie (Portman)

    Katrina (kaif)

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  20. You Know the red ones are faster, Hahahhahahaha

    Get familiar with it, You have some grouse roads coming up, and we dont want our new bike bent,

    Looks Grouse mate,

    The red Rattler,
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