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My new baby!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Victriple, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Well, I've had it a week or two now and have to share. The plan was to wait until all the other bits had been installed, i'll update this as I go instead...

    Pretty standard Street Triple R, only option so far is the belly pan. Few more bits coming soon.

  2. I reckon the STR's look the part in white. Looks great (my 2c only). Are you getting the white screen too? I reckon they look heaps better with that added.

    Are you adding an exhaust? Looks good so far mate, well done.
  3. Plan is:

    * White screen
    * Rear hugger
    * Exhausts, probably the Arrows, not the 3-2-1 through (want to hear a couple of options first as well).
    * New levers (maybe). Had a look at the genuine options today, look quite nice and introduces adjustment to the clutch lever as well.

    I think that is where I'll probably leave it. Probably...
  4. That's a 2012 Triple yeah?

    I think the headlights are growing on me, but I think I prefer the previous model. Still, nice ride!
  5. Yep, 2012. I was the same on the headlights, took a while but I like them more than the round ones now.
  6. Sweet Ride Mr Bling! Lurve the Street Triple.
    I prefer these new headlights for whatever that counts
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  7. Congrats, MrBling !
    And as the others have said - looks great in white !
    Enjoy and keep us updated.
  8. Nice bike! Have a white 2012 street triple R as well - no belly pan but I have the shorty adjustable levers and the arrow slip ons as well. Levers are great (I only ever really used two-three fingers anyway) and the exhaust sounds good - haven't taken the baffles out yet either (can be a little loud/drone-y at times though but sounds sweet higher up in the revs).
  9. Sweet ride Mr Bling..........

    It seems like you and I share the same upgrade paths :D

    What is she like?
    I'm guessing there is a remarkable difference in build quality and engine performance?
    How is the bottom end for torque and smoothness?

    Congrats mate - Street Triple R will definitely be my next bike too (this time in white) (y)
  10. Congrats on the new pruchase, looks very nice indeed, purple is the nicest I have seen so far in the flesh but that white with the belly pan looks the goods!! like the idea of the white screen too!! no too over state but nice!!
  11. So far, loving it. Build quality if you go looking for it is better, but on a day to day basis, not really much in it IMO. Maybe time will give a better indicator on the topic.

    Bottom end torque is pretty good, probably not as easily accessible as the ER-6n off the line but it gathers steam a hell of a lot faster.

    The thing I've really noticed in it is the suspension/tyre combo, just seems to have a lot more grip and feels a lot more planted around corners.

    Added the front screen yesterday, not 100% sold on it to be honest and it seems like it has actually made the wind worse (just directed it up to the helmet. I'll wait until I've done a decent ride to make the call though. This weekend it gets its first service where it is having the rear hugger put on it.
  12. Hey Mr Bling,

    Congrats on the new ride looks great in white!!!!

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. Nice bike brother, how's the screen going now? Any better?
  14. Well, haven't had a good chance to get it up to 100kph since I had it (either stuck at work or raining), anything below can't really notice any difference.
  15. Have given it a decent run now, IMO look at this as being a cosmetic mod, doesn't seem to do a lot for the wind.
  16. That's a shame, maybe see about a bigger screen?
  17. Thought about it but don't do a lot of hwy kilometers, if I did I would get a bike with fairings.
  18. Well I never had a screen on Enfield, never really bothered me anyway. Suppose it'd only really matter if you're goin' $1.50+ or something
  19. Hey MrBling - so how is the new bike running in?

    Bummer about the screen - I put a bug-screen on the ER and have been doing some 300K + days recently - big difference.
  20. Yeah really good so far, starting to feel a bit more run in but still only done ~2500kms...