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my new baby is here

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by GOOSH, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. hey guys, picked her up today... 2008 model and the first blue one in the country. too bad it was raining this arvo so couldnt take her for a ride.

  2. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! [​IMG]
  3. thanks dude...
    hopefully tomorrow there aint that many showers so i can take it out and break it in and rid it of the chicken strips.....
  4. You still got the other rides?
  5. yer still got the hyo and the zxr. my bro is gonna ride the hyo and the zxr is a write off but i got to keep it..
  6. thats awesome dude. weather should be good tomorrow. go and spank it!!!!
    i wanna see it in the flesh
  7. Nice one!!!!! :cool:
  8. Go Triumph! Bike looks awesome mate, sure to turn some heads.
  9. They ARE hot bikes GOOSH! :grin:

  10. yeah man that is sweet ride man
  11. ooooooh nice! Hope to go for a ride with ya sometime with the 675 :twisted:
  12. Very very VERY nice! Drool....
  13. Thats such a nice looking bike there man, congrats on the upgrade!!
  14. Congrats on the new purchase GOOSH

    Getting to be quite a few 675 owners about now.
  15. Yeah, common rubbish!

    Beautiful, beautiful, common rubbish............ :oops:

    Very nice Goosh! :grin:
  16. Lookin' good.... Ya gooshbag!
  17. Thats insane... I love it! :applause: looks awsome in blue :grin:
  18. Very nice :) Good onya :wink:
  19. Hey Goosh

    I bumped into your family friend today.. Mr Orhan :LOL:

    I was talking about you & how we've met, ridden together etc
    & he says "Oh Adem?!"

    "His name's Goosh!"
    "Noo. Its Adem"
    "Like f*ck it is. When was the last time you seen him? He's changed
    it to Goosh"

    * Confused look *

    "Next time you see him, you'll see"