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My new Aprilia rs125 '05

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Pocketz, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone,

    After just recently turning 18 and getting enough money i have finally been able to start riding. For my first bike i decided to go with an Aprilia rs125 '05 casey Stoner edition. I ended up paying $4460 for the bike after government fees, transfers, rwc rewrite and it came with 12 months rego.

    Already have had problems with the bike though, on the way home the engine had a ceisure (the piston ceased causing barrel/ring damage). Thankfully the guy who sold the bike to me offered to have it repaired at no cost (was a private sale). I am kind of thankful better than it happening when i did say 1000 Kilometres on the bike.

    Anyway here are some pics of my (soon to be returned) Aprilia.
    My bike.
  2. Getting it back mid Jan :(. Haven't even ridden it yet.
  3. Nice sexy bike there! Look after her, the little 125's require frequent maintenance.
  4. very nice bike and very lucky to have a good seller. How many kilometres has the bike done? Make sure you run it in properly and use good synthetic oil and you'll have a ball on this bike.

    Good find and it's great to see so many 125s out on the road.
  5. There is currently 14k Kilometres on the bike. I've got mates in the industry to help with maintenance and i treat my possesions with respect. The old owner didn't use a synthetic oil so we're cleaning it out and replacing it. I heard they were lots of fun and that contributed to my decision of bikes.
  6. the top end should have been done at 12 000km (recommended interval). Do you know if he did it before he sold it to you?

    When you change oil, make sure you bleed as much as possible (preferrably to th pump or the entire thing). When you run your new oil, only have a few litres of fuel in your tank and run on premix until you see all your oi llines are charged. You won't be pushing too hard because you'll be running in a top end, so your crank bearings will not be worked hard during the oil changeover. :)

    These bikes are heaps of fun, when you feel confident enough, join arimnaah and I on the track, it'll be a hoot seeing 3 125s blasting around Broadford :) Once I get mine registered I'll try to remember to give you a yell and head out for a cruise
  7. Thanks heaps for the tips wouldn't of thought to do all of that. And i'm not sure he got it in auction and only had it for a few hundred k's before he lost his license. We had a mechanic take a look over it said apart from what was mentioned in my original comment everything was ok.

    Plus the track sounds like a definite plan when i learn a bit more which one do you usually go to?
  8. Bragging rights to the previous owner for losing his license on a 125 :LOL:

    I've been to Broadford on the 125, usually take a 250 down to the island, I don't feel brave enough to run the bike flat out down the main straight while all the bigger bikes are absolutely flying past.

    Do a search and you'll see a few more threads around 6 months old from a few guys that have been working on/restoring 125s and you'll pick up some more hints too, otherwise if you get stuck, post up your problem and one of us will help you out.
  9. I'd say heading down to the island wouldn't piss off the 125's too much. Remembering the fact that your not ringing the engine out for too much of a long distance and there are always places to stop at and god damn 60k zones that gives your bike some sort of relief :p.
  10. :LOL: riding to the island is no problems, riding the island (the racetrack) is the issue.....the long main straight is what scares me away unless I am 100% confident that the bike tuned for there.
  11. WD on ur RS125 Purchase
    I just bought one 3 days ago 07 model!
  12. Cheers, congrats also. Where abouts are you from?
  13. i'm from sydney... :D
  14. Im seeing quite a few RS' on the road these days.. All sorts, from 00 to 09 models. Great to see that these people are investing the effort into owning and maintaining 2 strokers. Im a Sydneysider btw.

    Great bike mate. I like the red/black scheme. True Aprilia colours. Good initiative on wanting to give the engine a refresh, although shame on the internals seizing on you.

    May you enjoy many miles on the lil RS! Would be great to take on the track. Im planning to invest in one of those superbike courses.. $$$ :(
  15. as far as learner bikes go, awesome, fun little bikes :)
    mine has just ticked over 33,000kms, and even though I've had my fulls for over a year i just can't bring myself to sell it and upgrade. spent the afternoon washing and polishing it today, it took 3 hours, a litre of Mother and several cloths but it looks gorgeous :)

    any new RS owners, remember they're not designed for extended highway use, and try not to be reliant on JSA/Aprilia Australia for parts (bookmark http://pjme.co.uk/acatalog/)
  16. Very nice bike. Youre sure to have lots of fun on it.
  17. What kind of muffler you sporting there loki? is that an Arrow or Giannelli (or neither)

    I'm frustratingly trying to decide if it's worth putting on an aftermarket chamber and tip... I like the stock sound but if removing the cat and squeezing a bit of HP might sound ok.

    Nice bike btw!
  18. it's a Gianelli
    I would have gone for the JL carbon-kevlar twin-pipe for that sweet twin-stack look but didn't have much choice in the matter. was taken out by a 4wd 2 years ago, and when i got my bike back from the shop it came with the Gianelli bonus. it was in the shop for several months, so i can't give you any valid opinion on power gain, though the sound did seem a bit crisper. ditching the cat for a full system should do wonders for it though, especially as the later models were pretty choked up for Euro3 standards...

    do you do much riding locally?
  19. wow very nice loki.
    i need to clean my bike too!

    but geez 3hours it took you. such a long time.
  20. I heard the JL twin pipe is more a show thing, so better off just buying the single can if possible. They are mighty expensive though, so I think an Arrow might be on the cards if I do decide to buy one.

    Yeah mate I usually go on local rides. Lately I've been hitting up RNP and Picton roads, and just basically cruising around etc. Would be great to cruise with ya one day. PM your mobile and we can catch up next time. I actually moved back to the Campbelltown area now, so not sure if your near there.

    I've got the red/white/ 09 model. Only mod is red rim tape so far lol.