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My New and First Ride

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by BOB88R, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. My First Motorcycle - Yamaha FZ6R 2010 Midnight Black with Gold Rims

    All stock except for the fender eliminator. Brought it directly to the bike mechanic after we picked it up last Wednesday due to issues with clutch cable. And I took my baby girl home last Saturday, gave her a bit of TLC.



  2. noice :) congrats!!
  3. nice bike...congrats :)
  4. Nice
    Love that colour scheme
  5. I hate you so much, that is such an awesome looking bike and I am very jealous :D
  6. Nice Bike.
    Really like the look of these.
    Next upgarde will be looking at one of these.

    Very cool!!!!!!
  7. Well done, good looker
  8. Great bike - congrats
  9. Like I mentioned in another thread, looooove the look of these bikes.

    Is it the unrestricted version?
  10. Thanks all for the likes.

    @Samboss260, it's the restricted version. I'm still on my L's. Current plan is to remove the restriction when I get my Full lic. But, plans may change.
  11. Is Yamaha. Is good.

    Is Black. Is better! :p
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  12. And she goes ok?
  13. Hi Samboss260, for a complete noob, all I can say is that she goes OK. I don't know what to expect, or compare it to.
  14. Very slick. Love the color scheme. Wish i'da got one of these myself :)
  15. thanks Jaemus.

  16. I AGREE with you Lazy Libran.

    Is Yamaha. Is good.

    Is Black with Gold Rims. Is better!