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My New and 1st Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by aussieak, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Great bike! Congrat's. :D
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  2. Thanks Sheepy cant wait to start rider her.
  3. well done mate, awesome ride, exactly the same as mine. you will freakin love it. peter stevens ringy FTW?
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  4. Nice! Enjoy, keep it shiny side up :)
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  5. It's a Black Kwak .. good choice on both bike and colour .. sweet ride ..
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  6. Mmmm, blaacckk!
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  7. Sure was it was the best deal I found
    $9990 Drive away
    Free Oggy's
    Free Del to Mount Waverley
    Free Credit Credit Card Fees
    15% of gear not that I bought that much from them

    I was very impressed by the sales guy. He gets a thumbs up from me.
  8. Will do 1st long ride will be to the BP SS for the 10am practice session.
    In the mean time around the block in the QT streets
  9. nice work. yeh i delt with kirby, fantastic. he knew what i wanted, and steered me in the right direction. 10am practice sesh, i thought that was on a saturday, hhmm....busy tomoz anyways. good luck, don't do what i did, revved 1st, went for second, got nuetral, then went for second, and since the revs were already ready high, got some front end air LOL 2 months onto your L's, that will freak you the hell out!
  10. Very nice, I've got a very similar bike, your gonna love it.
  11. Nope I wont be popping wheelies on my bike my BIL will kill me.
  12. Nice Bike. And Black one at that too... Makes it even nicer.. :D

    Ride Safe dude.
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  13. Yeah I liked the black better over the burnt orange. But the Orange look a lot better then photos do it justice.
  14. Black Kawas rock. Nice bike. Now don't scratch it up. (Easy to say...)
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  15. My new girl is home. Pitty about the rain so she wont get a ride this afternoon, me being a total newbie. Hope its dry for a Saturday 10 am learners day that will be my 1st ride playing the traffic to get there.
  16. congratulations mate on ya new bike,,
    it sure looks great..

    Happy riding .

  17. nice bike, dont worry about the rain its only water!! :)
  18. i don't my 650rl in the rain either mate, tis not fun
  19. just realised who you were re the sat morn ride..