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My new afterwork ride - Brunswick to Whittlesea to Kinglake

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by mattychops, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Google Map

    Hope the link works...

    I had been out that way once on the bike and around that area a few times in the car... But tonight was my first time on the road between Kinglake and Research/Elthem, it was quite a shock for me, i've had my L's for a month now and wasnt expecting such a twisty small road with absolutely no run off area, just cliff edges or rocks! I stuck to the recommended corner speeds or slightly above where I felt comfortable.

    All in all it went great! I think that will be my regular longer track. Good practice with a wide range of corners to practice on... Except Plenty Road all the way out to whittlesea is boring and traffic was pretty bad for most of it...

    My shorter tracks are just around brunswick and surrounding suburbs.
  2. Very tight narrow corners aren't they, and the long sweepers coming down from Kinglake West are fun too. Last weekend I went a bit further out, up through Whittlesea>Flowerdale>broadford>Romsey and home. Lot of good twists and ok road. Great if you have a few hours to spare.
  3. if you come out the eastern freeway and get off at bulleen rd you can hook into the heidelberg warrandyte rd to warrandyte then up to kangaroo ground and all those roads are open to you.
  4. Nothing like a 15kmh advisory speed sign. I think i can run that fast.
  5. How did you map it out like that Matty?
  6. In Google maps, click get directions, then just put in your home address, then it will come up with a map, then what i did from there I would right click a point on the map and click add destination.. sometimes you might have to go through every intersection as a destination.. Sometimes if you dont add a specific intersection google will tell you to go the way it thinks is best, which isnt always the best path for a bike, like missing some twisties etc, or telling you to turn right where you cant because there is a concrete median strip there etc etc..

    I love google
  7. Thanks rod, I just tried out your ride. it was great fun, 220km round trip. Whittlesea to Flowerdale to Broadford was great fun! :D

    My arse is sore tho, longest ride I've done as yet... Good practice for when I copy Butz' round australia trip!
  8. Ah cheers mate :)