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my new addiction(a bit long)- a newbie's journey

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by arsenalroc, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. hey guys,

    i just wanted to write about my new addiction- motorycles :grin:
    i started my q-ride with ridesmart but only could do one session cause i couldnt find the time to drive up to brizzy( i live in the Gold Coast)so i continued with ama-qride in nerang. First off- these guys are BRILLIANT. as soon as you get there, you know these guys are true bike lovers and want to teach you how to ride and not just get you your licence- DEFINATELY recommended.

    Monday i went for a 4 hour cruise(first time on the road) through bits of the hinterland and gold coast back roads- i must have covered tons of kms though when i was practising u-turn and countersteering i dropped the bike twice- tips to newbies- STAY AWAY FROM the FRONT BRAKE at low speed :p . i lost my nerve and just could not do them.

    Ended the day disappointed with my efforts and questioning if i really wanted to ride- sore muscles and bruised shins. I felt I just was not cut out for it.

    Today(tuesday) i came back determined to give it another go and I LOVED IT! i was much more confident and relaxed plus i got my first NOD :grin: :grin: i ended the session grinning and much more comfortable stopping at roundabouts also getting some serious lean :p

    so i just wanted to post my exprience so far and give one piece of advice to all new riders- if you fall down, get up and go again- nothing is easy but once you somewhat get the hang of it- IT BRILLIANT! :grin:
  2. Keep up the good work navinraj, practice makes perfect!

    Some nice roads up there by the way, I'm a bit jealous!
  3. Welcome to the world we all love so much!

    Mrs Tree and I ride through the hinterlands all the time. Great having roads like that in your backyard, hey?!

    Sorry you learned the hard way that the front brake should only be used at speed and, preferably, when the wheel is straight.
  4. Congratulation Navinraj! I ran into a gutter doing my first u turn on a street, but managed to keep the bike up! Second time, same spot, I slowed right down, held up all the boys following me, I was soooo very careful!!! I hope to never ride that street ever again!!! :LOL:

    So lucky to have scenery when learning to ride - I got to see the back of a lot of trucks!!

    Keep up the great work!!
  5. Yeah, it is great fun when you start and then you keep discovering new things and you keep getting a new rush. Keep practicing and watch out, this hobby will consume your life.

    I normally head north or west from brissie. I might make more of an effort to go south now.
  6. you are right cooketree- brilliant backyard and during the day-NOBODY on the roads!

    superunknown- its already consuming my life- i can feel my wallet and bank account getting lighter as i am getting my gear already! plus all my frens are sick of me talking about bikes 24/7 :p
  7. I did my rider training with the same people, australia motorcycle academy about 10 weeks ago... I agree they are great instructors, I spent 10 hours in total to go from 0 experience ever to being 100% confident that I could ride safely. Now that i've been riding around on the cibby for over 2 months, its clear that the biggest danger is myself trying to push it... definitely possible to ride a motorbike very safely as you see when your a pillion with the instructor riding around.

    They gave me a funny test one day, in the hills, instructors slows right down and makes a right turn... I wonder why he's going so slow waiting for me to turn... he's basically moved 10m and sat watching his rear view... I round the corner, notice a strip of thick gravel but assume I can turn slightly as I cross over it, naturally the front slips, the foot goes down, nearly dropped the bike but just held on... lesson learnt...

    Didn't drop the bike ever in training, pretty happy with that, although did shit myself especially when riding at speeds through the windies for the first time.

    Right on about the Gold Coast's backyard, it kicks so much ass having endless corners and great scenery so close to all the hustle and bustle.