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My new 919!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Farab, May 19, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Just wanted to thank you all for your advice, etc. After an agonising period, doing homework on which bike to buy, etc. I picked up my new black 900 Hornet this past Friday from the dealer! What a bike, I am still grinning! Went for a short spin (1ookm's) with my dad and his black H9 and thoroughly enjoyed it.


  2. Whoa... congrats, Farab! That massive grin won't be easing anytime soon, I'm betting :grin:
  3. "like father like son"


    don't beat me please :LOL:

    ps. nice bike :)
  4. :LOL: Yes, yes, its not all like that. H9 just happens to fit the bill for what I want and more!
  5. woo-hoo, now you'll be able to do weddings :rofl:.
  6. Congrats on ya choice......................great bike!!!!!

    I grin every time I start mine and after a ride on a bigger bike, the H9 feels like a postie on 'roids.


  7. wow....gotta say never been a fan of these in the looks dept. but in black they look quite good.

    Never actually road the H9 only ever the H6 and that was a hoot, so i am guess the 9 is better again :wink:
  8. Congratulations ... they're a great bike.
    I have 2 recommendations: Oggy Nobs and Renthal Fatbar (or similar). Only saying that because I had one myself - never liked the original bars. Renthal bar is a little wider, better angle and gets you leaned forward a bit ... didn't like the fully upright.
    They're a tough bike ... did Tassie on mine, crashed, rode her all the way back to Brisbane, then did the insurance assessment ... write-off as the repairs were more than new minus sale of damaged bike.
    Anyway, enjoy and keep grinning :)
  9. Now, get yourself a +3 rear sprocket, unless you got a centrestand, and let teh weeliez begin! :grin:
  10. Already have black Oggy Knobs fitted. Already looked at a Renthal bars this weekend. I agree, the original bars are too high.

    I first have to attend "Loz's Wheelie School' if I ever make it to Melbourne one day!At times the front can feel light at a "healthy" pull away :grin:
  11. congrats mate, nice buy & awesome bike :)
  12. Carn over, it's just a kwuk trup across the dutch.
  13. Gee, thanks Hornet, I nearly spat coffee all over my work laptop thanks to you!

    (come to think of it... I *do* need a faster work computer... I'll let you off, just this once.)


    Congrats on the new bike!
  14. funeeee, oh so funeeee!!

    :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I don't know Loz...mine wheeliez fine with the standard gearing. :)
  16. Believe me, there be more weeliez with the +3. You also get to use the gearbox more, and the bike feels much more alive.
  17. Nice work mate! They're awesome bike. I had to get the baby poo orange as I drove a hard bargain (even made $900 on my sv650s on the deal).

    One thing I heard is that the Oggy Nobs can actually cause more damage during a crash....can snap the engine casings where they are bolted on. Another hornet related forum has the details......
  18. Awesome !!!!
    Congrats mate !
  19. As another 900 hornet owner, I'll add my congratulations! I've not had my hornet long- about 6 weeks now- and absolutely love how light and easy to get on with it is.

    And heartily agree with the idea of changing the handlebars. I really want to change mine for lower ones but keep getting told that either it just can't be done at all or all sorts of things- cables, brake lines etc. must be changed to make them work. Any advice is welcome, please!