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my new 636 :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Snowman, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Picked this up this morning, its still dirty in the pics i took them right after i got home





    stock as a rock 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R, 636cc.


  2. Smick bit of gear, Take care of it.
  3. *nod* *smile*
    Very nice.
  4. good stuff mate, make good use of it
  5. While riding it home, a girl of about 15 years old was looking at the bike with interest at the lights, so I gave it a bit of a rev, and she looked at me like I was the hugest tool on earth. I just kept smiling and humming "damn it feels good to be a gangsta..." :D

    Its very nice to ride compared to my 250, feels pretty comfy, I thought supersports were supposed to do horrible things to your body :p

  6. wait till u go on a long ride :)
  7. I ride a Hoonda now, but I do love Kwaka's, always liked the look of the 636... if you need any tech assistance the boys and girls over at all the dubs.KSRC are a very helpful crew.
  8. took me two hours to get home in stop start shitty city traffic, my clutch hand was pretty messed up but i felt fine otherwise lol
  9. Its funny, when I started riding, Kawasaki was last on my list of supersports that I wanted, I liked the R6, GSXR and CBR more, but now I only have eyes for my 636 :D

    Kinda wanted a green one tho...

    and a member from KSRC left a card on my old bike but I never got around to signing up :p
  10. =D>
    Congrats on the new bike mate.
    The 636's are a sweeeet bike and yours is basically exactly what I'm looking for for the next bike. Although I'm more a fan of the blue.
    Anyway enjoy it and take good care of her.
  11. Was thinking of one of these before I stoopidly (financially) test rode a Daytona. Liked the look and always read pretty good things. Hope the two of you make each other very happy!

    Oh, and +1 for the KSRC forum - good bunch and a good reference point.

    PS - Black looks way cooler than green.
  12. Darkhorse, the Daytona would be my second choice, but is unatainable financially :(

    Heading up to my local bike shop this morning to order some bits and bobs, just little things like crash knobs and swingarm spools, probably a stand... the bar ends look tatty...
    Im not going to change the exhaust just yet coz its still sounds nice compared to my ol' 250 :p and im not bored of it yet.

    Just noticed this morning the tires are pilot powers and they still have the rubber mold lines on em, i didnt even look at the tires when i bought it lol.

    Thanks for all the compliments guys!
  13. Yup, I'm still paying off the loans. :eek:wned:
  14. Looks awesomeee man!

    The 636 is a great choise, bigger that a 600, and a big chunk of that extra chunk comes in low end rather than a screaming R6 style top end.

    Great bike, I WANT ONE
  15. Congrats mate, very nice ride. I just recently bought a baby ninja and I love it, can't imagine this thing!
    ride safe.
  16. Sweet ride..... enjoy it. - 636 is WAAAAAAY better than the 250...!

    I love noise made by that bunch of 'angry bees' that drive me on once you get it up to 7K revs!
  17. very nice indeed.

    Get used to riding it then get a ZX14.......


    have fun with it.

  18. Ahhh The Last pretty Kwaka.
    If only they would go back to that design.
    Nice piece if kit that.
  19. Toshay Falcon!
  20. Awesome bike mate, i've heard good things about the 636 and it looks damn sexy.

    PS: You gotta do something about those gaping chicken strips though! \\:D/
    I always like to buy bikes with big strips because its a good sign that the thing has been nursed by the previous owner (unless of course the tyres are brand new).