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My new 2012 Diamond Black Diavel

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by DJY, May 14, 2012.

  1. Well

    I test rode lots of bikes last week... but had ben fixating on the Diavel since their release.

    So on Wed I picked up my shiny new beast!
    How much do I love this bike!
    Over 700km done already, only to discover I can't get my 1000km service done until Wed week?!?!?! Guess I better slow down how much I'm riding.

    Is amazing... turns heads everywhere... and is stunning.
    Didn't stay in Urban mode even for the demo very long. Thought I would, but wanted to see what the other modes felt like and WOW! Completely changes the bike! Touring upped the anti significantly, but then Sports mode it all just becomes raw, sharp, and growls!

    Torque is incredible, the sound even with the standard cans is just outright horny!

    Love it!
    Roadster screen already ordered, as is my Kaneg rear paddock stand.
    So many other accessories and mods to consider!

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  2. looks schmick, love the sound of a duc!
  3. all that money spent and u get a kaneg
  4. Nice bike!
  5. Wild looking ride that one.. so enjoy every moment.
  6. Like the 'devil' indeed. Congrats and enjoy.
  7. What's wrong with a Kaneg stand Goz?

    DJY - congrats on the new beast.
  8. Gorgeous bike!!! congrats, but now you need a new avatar...:angel:
  9. Awww man that is an awesome bike. I love the Diavel.
  10. thought I'd changed it last night - but it didn't seem to save.
    Hopefully the new one has stayed this time.

    Just got an sms saying my Roadster Screen has arrived... so will head back to the dealer today to pick it up! Hope to install it tonight myself.
  11. Love these things!
    That 240 rear is pure bike p0rn.....not to mention the exhaust note *drooooool*
    Speaking of exhaust notes, you plan on getting some termi's?
  12. Great choice there DJY
    I'm up to 1500 k's on mine now and just can't get enough of it.
  13. seen Kingpin's in the flesh, very nice 'cruiser' / beastie :) enjoy!!

  14. they are known for that day you walk in your garage and your bikes on its side lol
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  15. Thanks kingpin!
    I saw the unique paint work on yours on the other forum, and WOW!
    That is just magic! I love a good white bike, and that red stripe with the painted 'Ducati' looked sweet!

    Roadster Screen arrived today - so I installed it.

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  16. Rear shot please :)
  17. Well done.. probably it is the same bike that I saw at CMC the other day (was the saturday before you took delivery), was a bit overwhelmed by the size of it.. Diavel is one of the potential candidates for my next bike when I'm off my restrictions.. either this or a k1300r or an r1200r or a streetfighter s :D lol cant make up my mind..
  18. [​IMG]
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