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My new 2010 Daytona SE

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by actRider, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to show off my new pride and joy! Picked her up on Saturday and had the pleasure of riding it back to the ACT (from Syd!). Now i need to scrub in the new tires (carefully of course)!


    When the weather gets a bit better I will take some better photos! :)

    If there is anyone in ACT wanting a ride, let me know! :)

  2. i reckon the white gaytonas look great but dosnt suit my riding position
  3. Very nice. O love that color scheme - enjoy it!
  4. Hey actRider,
    Congrats on your new ride (y)
  5. The 300km back to Canberra was pretty good, about 50 times more room than my ZX2R... :S

    I was going to get the ZX6R but just love the feel of the triple and the sound...
  6. You rode from Sydney to Canberra and your tyres still need scrubbing in? I think you'd better give it to someone who appreciates its needs a bit better......
  7. haha harsh... maybe it was a very straight road :p
  8. It IS a very straight road; I rode it last night, but there are a FEW corners :LOL:.....
  9. Its super straight, i was even weaving like a crazy man just to get the edges a but used, plus it bucketed down :( Plus i have to run the engine in too... so no crazy riding yet. there are no corners really... like 4 canberra side that are worth mentioning hardly enough to scrub in! :p
  10. I rode the K5 from Sydney to Melbourne in the same day on the 'boring' Hume Hwy 2 mths ago. Still managed to scrub up the new 2CT's on the odd bend, though wouldn't have been in good shape had a radar gun been aimed my way during the process :)

    actRider - I'm pretty sure you would have sorted the issue with your tyres with a quick detour through Moss Vale on your way back to ACT ;)
  11. Totally should have went through the Moss... your an ideas man! I was happy not getting any speeding tickets and actually finding the Daytona not too bad to sit on for long stretches... I will take her down to the Cotter this weekend for some winding roads!
  12. Don't worry about these blokes and you enjoy the ride and scrub them in how ever you like over how long you ever like. :)
  13. I actually do like Respi's advice...very true words. Enjoy the bike dude.
  14. :!::shock::shock:=D>

    You sire, would be an iron butt god.
  15. You bastard..............I am rather envious of thee. I have wanted one of those Daytonas ever since the first time my dodgy 4 eyes came across one. I think it's an awesome colour scheme and I love those bikes. Happy riding my friend!
  16. Love it. A blue 2008 model would be my pick (due to finances more than anything :( ) but I love the special edition colour scheme :D What's different on the SE other than the paint?
  17. Thanks Respi, yeah taking it at my own pace is always good advice! I know the others are only stiring.

    The 2010 SE actyally comes with a little bit of extra kit, namley carbon fibre bits here and custom alloy leavers. Its my dream bike and even tho its put me in some debt, and evil looks from the misses, so far its been worth it!

    I do have to admit, tho i do have an iron butt, a bit more give in the seat would be better! :p
  18. You can get a gel seat for it if you want.
  19. How much did it run you all up, and did you get any package extras thrown in etc?
  20. Mate that looks awesome! I've always loved the daytona's...and I went with the zx6r only because I couldn't afford one