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My NEW 2009 Kwaka Z750! :D

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by SnOOkered, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Alright I bit the bullet yesterday and got myself a brand spanking new sexy Z750! 60km done so I'm nearly 1/10th into break-in wooo! ..Lol and the manual says for 600km do not go over 4,000Rpm?!?! wtf? :p

    Anyway, thanks for the help on here in my other threads, which helped me on trying to decide on what to get. I couldnt be happier, the bike is me to the T. Sexy, Big, and a nice colour :p

    Have to put photos up, I know everyone knows what they look like but I like to think my looks better than what you've seen :p

    Planning on giving my experiences with it when I make it to the 1st service :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Congrats... now you need to post your first 1000K review of the bike in real usage. I'm taking one for a test ride this week.
  3. Congratulations! That is a sweet looking bike. By all accounts they are a barrel of laughs to ride, too.
  4. It's either an anachronism (machines are built to more exacting standards these days) or a liability issue (they don't want inexperienced riders crashing). Ignore it. Just remember to warm up the bike for a minute before riding and take it easy until it comes up to temperature. Continually vary the revs during the break-in period (don't sit on the freeway at 6000 rpm for 100 km). Have fun, the green machine looks great!
  5. Congratulations, beautiful looking bike, will be keen to hear your thoughts!
  6. nice bike, looks the business!
  7. Mmmmmm shiny! Eliminate that typically horrific fender and she'll be a sweet lookin unit.

    Have fun!
  8. Congrats !

    Cant wait for the full review after the break-in period. :popcorn:
  9. Was that by any chance you picking it up Friday night from Ferntree Gully? I was in there looking at the black Z750 on the floor.

  10. Haha yeah I did pick mine up on Friday :p ... you planning on getting the black one?
  11. Sweet! Love team green :)
  12. I am really keen to know what other bikes seriously considered as in a few months I am stepping up? I also love the Z, and for the money its awesome value!

    I felt really comfortable on the Z, havent riden it yet, nice forwad position for a naked bike. Should I be concerned with the basic suspension set up?

    Did you look at the Street Tripple, CB600? If so why the Z?
  13. One of many bikes on my potential upgrade list when I'm off restrictions. Black with more black and it's a very aggressive looking bike.

  14. First thing I did was research a heap of bikes I liked and narrowed down my search to 3 bikes I liked the look of and wanted to test ride based opinions of others. Initially I had my heart set on the cb600 and I actually test rode that first and almost committed to buying it before even test riding the Z..but the deal didn't feel right and I held off and went to PS..walked in, saw my bike and pretty much fell in love...asked for a test ride got it, ANC pretty much made my decision after the ride :) couldn't be happier... Compared to the cb600, the Z just destroys it looks and riding position. I was always looking for a "supersports" naked and the is pretty much half supersports and half naked in design minus the supersports engine :) ... 200 km on the clock so far and I can say it's plenty of bike for what it's worth :)
  15. congrats on the new purchase, looks tidy
  16. Nice ride. No wonder you sound so pleased.
  17. You will love it to bits, i just sold mine to get something else, its a perfect step up and a very docile creature till you want it to go crazy,
  18. Excellent choice!! The black/green combo looks really good too.

    Now, get on ebay and lookup targagarage, they make a great fender eliminator kit for the Z750, it is listed a the Z1000 07- kit though as in the US they don't have the 750 anymore, same fit though. Check out my pics to see what it looks like, takes that ugly lump of plastric away and leaves those hot lines!! :)

  19. Thanks for the likes!.. Loving the bike, and I love the new bike smell when running in it :)

    Thanks for the link Rybyk !

    Need to save up some cash to get these upgrades!

    You considering getting a new pipe(although for a stock pipe it sounds bloody tough :) )? Heard you need to buy a new ECU and remove the Exhuast valves attatched to the stocky?
  20. you don't need a new ECU/power commander for an aftermarket slip on muffler. i have done around 2500kms on mine (06 MDL) and love it. wait till u get the biatch between 8-12 grand...:demon: