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My new 2008 GSXR 750

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by DemonRacer, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, im new to this forum. I purchased a K8 Gixxer 750 only a couple weeks ago and thought id share some photos. Its stock apart from a fender eliminator.


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  2. Nice demon racer, the fender eliminator cleans up that back end well. Any more mods? Pipe, rear sets or levers etc?
  3. Pipe is on the agenda as is polished rims and pcv :)
  4. Congratulations DemonRacer. Very nice looking bike you got there.
    Love the Gixxers... just picked up one myself over the weekend (y)

    Also, welcome to NR :D
  5. nice bike mate! i reckon that k7 & k8 gixxers were one of the nicest ones and looks even better in these colours
  6. Looks awesome dude, those colours are he top pick for the 08 model. Looks great!
  7. Nice Ride.

    Those colours are very nice.
  8. Thanks guys I'm loving it hey! Looking forward to going on a decent ride when it gets back from the bike shop. It's not making full power through the whole rev range. So hopefully have it fixed by this weekend. I'm looking at the Akra slip on atm
  9. nice looking bike, congrats
  10. Great look bike! enjoy it (y)
  11. Ok bikes all good now got it dynoed today and here are the results.

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  12. i havent been on in a little while so here is the update. ive polished the front wheel last weekend and will be doing the rear this weekend. ill post up new photos when its done. its coming up well so far!
  13. Did you get the bike dyno'd stock? or did you purchase a slip on...? any other mods?

    i've got the same bike, except with yoshi slip on and k&n air filter...looking at getting it tuned later in the year!
  14. I got the bike dyno'd stock no mods. How much has your made on the dyno with yosh and air filter?
  15. Hasnt been dyno yet. maybe in 12 months time?
  16. So rims were finished on the weekend and they turned out great! Will post some pics up when the eather clears up
  17. So here it is with the polished rims. need to attack them with a little more autosol i think

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  18. Got a bit carried away in the bike shop on thursday and ordered this, got it at a decent price and they only had one left in the warehouse so i though what the hell :D

    Does anyone know any good tuners on the sunshine coast?

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  19. So heres the 'soon to be done' mods list
    tinted screen
    frame sliders
    seat cowl
    bmc air filter
    full yosh r77
  20. bike is ****ing sexy. good stuff