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My new 2007 R6

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by JimboR6, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Wow love the carbon fibre! Bike looks ace!
  3. HOT! Can see how this bike would turn heads :twisted:
  4. Very nice... cant beat the black! Although, I did like the red/white combo... but the new scheme of red/white isnt as nice as last years!

    Wheres that first pic taken? Looks familar :?
  5. Very nice mate! The carbon suits it nicely.
  6. thanks all ... im glad you like it.

    its a work in progres, still have the fender eliminator and integrated tail light to install but its getting there.

    the first pic is on the hill at turn 9 at eastern creek
  7. Very very nice mate, congrats.

    In the first pic it looks like your rego holder isn't attached, or am i just seeing things?
  8. - Chris - you are not seeing things.
    i noticed it myself when i took the photo. i somehow lost the bolt that was holding it on and i was propbably riding around half the day with it like that. i felt a bit stupid when i realised it, but how often do you check your rego holder when riding ?
  9. my last ride was a 07 R6..in the same colour ....they are a great bike

    looks good man
  10. Thought so :)