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My New 09' FZ1-N

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by sjh, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Hey All,

    After doing the obligatory time on the LAMS Approved bike, i was in the market for something new ;)

    I picked up my new FZ1-N today from Geoff Taylor Motorcycles in Dandenong.

    The crew down there were fantastic, questions answered, and no bull.

    Working in a sales roll myself, its really nice to go somewhere and purchase something from people who care. =D>

    I would have no hesitation going back to them :), and after dealing with some other dealers [-(, i couldn't be happier purchasing from them.

    Now on to the bike - just in time for the ride for the hills - I'm very happy with the upgrade, its not overbearing, its easy to maneuver, and doesn't feel 'big' at all.

    Now its on to the running-in period, and onwards we go!



    ps. a couple of quick photos.


  2. noice mate :)
  3. noice one! does it have another side? or just that one :p
  4. No-one could ever say that Yamahas are one-dimensional!!
  5. yep :) that's a fair point :)

    Ill have to get some more pics, hopefully in better locations.
  6. Looked at getting one of these myself.

    WHat else did you look at? What made you decide on Yahama?

    (I haven't been able to find one second hand or on demo in Tasmania...)
  7. looks mean in black :)
  8. noiceeee!!!!

    looks great man! have a blast