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My new 08 Kawasaki Z750

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by jonesaus, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. I decided I’d had enough of the GPX250 and needed something new.

    I thought a bit about a super sport 600-750 but every time i got on one it didn’t seem to fit (physically and metaphorically)

    Naked was the way for me, so i found myself with this immaculate Z750.

    Alot of fun to ride, looks good, and plenty of power to keep me entertained for a little while yet.



  2. Great choice!

    Apart from the bulky stock exhaust, its one of the best looking machines out there!

    Keep it shiny side up.
  3. looks good mate,my fav colour scheme too!i had an 05 one before,great low end torque and fun in the twisties...economical too!
  4. Great buy mate, love the colour!!

    I'm a faired bike person myself, but the Z750's are bloody nice. Have fun out there. :)
  5. get an aftermarket exhaust asap!

    other than that, my favourite naked.
  6. grats mate, gorgeous styling on them
  7. That is one gorgeous looking bike, well done.
  8. Recommend riding it up to Sydney.
  9. They're high on my list for when I get off LAMS, don't seem to come up a lot second hand...
  10. Great purchase ;) same 250-->bigger bike upgrade for me. And exact same colour as mine except i got a 2009 make...perfect Kawasaki scheme imo...

    You'll be loving it for a while yet. It really does love to scream when you want it to, but even better if you want to just cruise... AND these things are huge in Europe PLENTY of after market parts!

    Slip-on is a must!
  11. yeah, ive just fitted a fender eliminator, from mustard bikes in tassi (found on ebay)



    im pretty keen on this leo vince slip on, just waiting to hear from the website about the shipping cost:

    Leo Vince exhaust
  12. It says shipping is free just under the product name :p
  13. Ah, I see what you mean... I'm now waiting for a reply on this one.
    Going to be my valentines day present. Let me know when you hear from them.
  14. Nice looking bike. (y)
  15. i was quoted USPS Express Mail International for $98.50US. Estimated shipping time is 5 days (plus 3-5 business days to process and ship the order). Both tracking and insurance are included.

    im not actually sure what the australian rrp is or who stocks them, so i might do a bit of research to see if it really is a good deal.

    for ~$420 shipped, i still seems pretty cheap.
  16. I got $118 for shipping. Still seems about $400 cheaper than purchasing locally.
  17. Just bought this one. Shipping was $40 cheaper at $80 same time frame 7-10 days.
    Hopefully it's an easy fit.
    So all up for Scorpion twin carbon exhaust, $410 shipped. Half the price of the Leo Vince.
  18. I'm looking at getting off my GS500 on to a 2002 ZR7. Here's the link


    It's a bit older than my current bike but with less than 20,000Kms and the classic retro look, I like it.

    Any helpful comments, tips or advice?

  19. Great looking bike! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on how it goes, looking for a similar sized naked bike myself.
  20. That's a spunky lookin bike - congratulations :)