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My New 06 ZZR-250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by B3NKobe, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Well yesterday I picked up my brand new ZZ-R 250 after being on the Spada for a few months, I decided to stay with a 250 and buy a new one as im still learning and will have the bike for a couple of years yet just for comuting to and from work.

    Anyway heres a couple of pics:



  2. ZZR-250 looks like a real grown-up bike in black, doesn't it?
  3. The ZZR is a good bike, hope you enjoy it as much as i have mine.

    I'm upgrading over the next coupls of weeks, and was ready to shed a tear for parting with the ZZR. I have promised my son that i would finance his first bike (in a years time) and he has decided he wants my ZZR. So get the best of both worlds.

    Good Luck and stay safe.
  4. looks very nice in black.
    nice bike.
  5. Nice and shiny :)

    Out of curiosity, what is the difference between this ZZR and GPX250R? The seem very similar, almost identical actually...
  6. The ZZR uses a twin spar alloy frame and has a 17 inch front wheel. The GPX uses a steel frame and has a 16 inch front wheel. The cams are different in the GPX engine also. The bikes have a very different feel about them. I bought a ZZR 250 about 12 years ago for my first bike and loved it. I still think they are 1 of the best learner bikes going.
  7. As an ex black zzr250 owner and still a Kwaka rider, welcome to Klub Kwaka, love em in black .. treat yourself to a set of Megacycle pipes and the zzr250 gets a nice bassy thump to it.

    BTW, I called mine Daffy, cause it was a black quacka :LOL:

  8. Very nice lookin' bike dude.
  9. Glad you all like it, Might bring it along to my first netrider coffee night sometime :grin: ,

    @Nobby: How much did the pipes set you back mate? Is there a large difference?
  10. pipes were around $5oo, and I couldn't honestly say they improved performance in any way, but they gave me road presence,

    The 4 wheeled bastards may be able to say they didn't see me, but there was no way in hades they could say they didn't hear me.... :shock:
  11. Very nice, bro...
  12. Are they available for the GPX, or will the ZZR pipes fit the GPX? There aren't GPX pipes on the Megacycle site (the ZZR ones aren't there either)
  13. yes the mega cycle pipes fit the gpx, with no mods required, as the set i bought of nobby went on mine and then i sold them on to a mate who rides a gpx and yep the megacycles gives you a huge road presense, a good investment, if your planning on keeping it for a while.

    Tidy looking bike too :wink:
  14. Sweet, might have to get a set then. Is it possible to put them on yourself?
  15. there aint many aftermarket exhausts cater for GPX/ZZR. :( I have done some research, Muzzy also makes one - http://www.muzzys.com/catalog/sportbike_exs.html

    do you have any pics or sound clips of the megacycle pipes? Are these 2 in 1 system?

  16. 2ndclasscitizen: A basic socket set, an allen key and exhaust goo is all you need to swap over the pipes on the zzr, less than an hour and the jobs done.

    Technik: The megs are fitted in the pic above, unfortunately my old hard drive ate a lot of my files, amongst them was the sound files.
  17. Err, WTF is exhaust goo?
  18. Err, WTF is exhaust goo?[/quote]

    I use Permatex #1 Form-A-Gasket sealant available from almost all auto shops for around $10.