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My neck is now in your woods

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Petie, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    My name's Pete, I just happened to be in the area so I thought i'd pop in.

    Got my L's on the weekend. Since then I have tested pretty much every naked bike there is and have decided I like the Zeal, I'm tall and skinny but for some reason the Zeal seems to fit me like a glove. Just got to ride a Spada first before I make my final decision.

    This forum looks pretty kickin rad, hopefully at some stage i'll have something constructive to ad to the community :)

  2. Hi Pete, welcome to the Forum :)
  3. Welcome aboard Petie!!
  4. Hi Petie, welcome to the best motorcycle forum in the known universe.
    I presume "pretty kickin rad" means good, so, yeah, it is!
    There's always space here for people who love bikes, and good conversation.
  5. Welcome Petie just you posting to the forums is a positive step:)
    oh and riding your bike too.
  6. Hi Petie , welcome :D

    Petie wrote

    You would be the first :LOL:
  7. Hi Petie. Welcome aboard. :D
  8. welcome aboard.. :D :D
  9. The Zeal is a great bike ... an astute purchase you made. Welcome :)
  10. welcome mate

    as far as anything constructive goes , jesus dont do that then we will all have to do it :LOL:
  11. i've seen a lot of zeals around sydney lately... must be a good choice. can anyone tell me how they compare to say a spada or VTR?