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My nearest miss yet

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Figures, close calls just after you get done telling a friends mother (friend interested in getting a bike and licence - my fault) that yes its a risk, but if you keep an eye out and keep alert you reduce that risk by a huge margin...

    I was here...

    The picture attached below is oriented north... and the road is an 80kph road. This is actually <1km from where a paramedic was killed due to injuries sustained in an accident on his motorbike about 6 weeks ago where a car did a u-turn across double lines and he plouged into it at ~90kph, poor sod.
    Also, i cant draw for shit :p.

    Anyway, I was approaching from the north side to this intersection, and noticed a white camry approaching very rapidly with their right indicator on, so i did a quick mirror check to see how close the following cars were and backed off the go-juice, dropped a couple of gears, down to say... 55 - 60kph. Sure enough the car cut across my nose. No big deal, i think, saw that coming, and heaps of room to spare (15... 20 metres).
    I get back on the throttle and check my right mirror again to see if the traffic is closing quick (ie, do i need to be spirited about it or just cruise back up to speed), and just look up see about it when said white camry merged into me from the left. I took to the oncoming lane as it was clear, rather then braking to move in behind, giving my brain a moment to work out what on earth had just happened.
    In my hindsight opinion, the dude was obviously in a rush to get turned around and back on the road to beat the small stream of traffic behind me (most had come off broke road, not me holding them up :p).

    Anyway, I looked at the car in disbelief for a moment, the driver happily staring ahead, not realising what had happened, and me still trying to work out how they had managed to turn so fast - very very fast obviously - absolutely no time taken to look at traffic... and a quick glance in my left mirror showed a cloud of dust from the intersection.
    As my brain caught up to the rest of me, i moved back toward said car, me still in the clear from anything oncoming, and hammered at the drivers window for all i was worth :p. How i didnt break it ill never know. I shouted something to the rough effect of "you stupid mother:censored:ing blind fu:censored: dic:censored:!" (looks better then **********'s).

    The look of horror on the drivers face (who, unsurprisingly, was asian) was priceless. He clearly had no idea what a ridiculous thing he had just done. He pulled over shortly there after and then i felt a lot safer continuing on my way, rather then being behind him.
    The driver that was behind me gave me a clap =D&gt;.

    No wonder i drink.

    edit: adding :censored:'s instead of ****'s.

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  2. and said camry driver probably thought it was a completely unprovoked attack and goes to show why motorcyclists should all be drawn and quartered.
  3. I think they need a new eye test at the rta something like this
  4. That thought occured to me after the fact too lilley :p, but in the heat of the moment what can you do.
    I look at it this way. I won the respect of the driver behind me, and lost the respect of the moron who nearly killed me. Think i win out on moral balance - though the one who did the act is likely the one who is bitching about me now.
  5. Being an obvious moron, the driver could have swerved into you and put you down.
    For all the temporary satisfaction you got from banging on his window, the cost could easily have been very high.

    And being a moron, the driver isn't likely to improve his driving habits because you vented on him, unfortunately.

    But I understand your rage.
  6. i think he pulled over after to change his pants.
    i don't know what else you can do, to get dangerous drivers like that of the road.. the law won't touch them.
    you did well to evade him.
  7. this section of the forum is my favourite. these posts act as a constant reminder to me of just how dangerous the other idiots on the road can be. it helps keep me on my toes.
  8. indeed, that and the penis drawings.
  9. Way to go Mr Messy with the defensive driving :). You assessed the situation, saw the possibility of an accident and were able to react appropriately when he didnt see you.

    nice negative reinforcement with the driver too.... not my style, but hey wont forget you in a hurry.

    again, being in the right is no good if your in the back of the ambo

  10. That picture of the ******** is priceless. Actually looks like a guy at my work.
  11. Yeah raven thats another thing that crossed my mind after the fact :p. "Oh :censored:, too bad if he swerved into me!"
    If i had been anything other then a bike he would have crashed into it - no way he even looked at the traffic before re-entering.
    If there had been oncoming traffic i doubt id have been quick enough to avoid it myself, and then place my life in the hands of those drives avoiding me.

    I dont like it when my life is in the hands of others like that :p.

    P.S. At the time i was more disappointed that the window was up :D.
  12. Happens to me all the time. Nice foresight and avoiding the accident.

    Check out the Stebel Nautilus Horns. A long bast of that lets the driver and everyone else within a few 100m's know your feelings.
  13. Ahh if i want a good horn ill take one from work :p. Not sure how ill power it though.
    Harbour entry horns = people for a couple kilometres around hear it ;).

    Not sure if its deja vu or providence, but just had another close one about 1km away from that one yesterday. Green P'ed green excel came up to an intersection the other side of the golf course (edit: you can see it in the link in my OP) to a stop sign to join the main road, and didnt stop. Also didnt look hard enough - though did glance in my general direction for a moment. I just went up the inside and overtook her on the shoulder rather then deploy anchors. Seemed a safer thing to do then try and stop that quick.
    Didnt rage at her, she was cute :p.
  14. This was going to be my advice as well. After avoiding the idiots, a long blast on the horn, perferably while still next to their window, makes them think they are about to be hit by a truck.

    They don't swerve toward you, they swerve away, mostly without looking first, which can result in them nearly running off the road. If they did, that would be a good result in my opinion. At least then they would really learn their lesson, and have an associate cost. It would also add to the "single vehicle accident" statistics for cars, to help balance the sham reporting on motorcycle single vehicle accidents.

    I wouldn't feel bad if my blast on the horn resulted in one more statistic. Not a bit. :angel:
  15. He/she probably considers themself a very safe driver and looks down on bloody 'hoon' motorcyclists attacking him for 'no reason'.

    And yes, if police targetted this sort of driving instead of speeding our roads would be alot safer. But they dont, so as long as idiots like that dont speed, they'll continue to endanger everyone around them whilst being completely oblivious to that fact.
  16. haha that makes me wanna install the stebel i have sitting on my workbench... only reason i haven't yet is because i haven't had to use the horn
  17. I have found that sitting slightly to the right of the offending vehicles right hand taillight with horn active will usually ensure a certain degree of attention within a kilometer or two...
  18. Should have got the bazooka out and went jihad. That's the sensible reaction. Knocking on his window was unnecessarily aggressive.
  19. Was he really wearing a tie?
  20. [snip part about very fast u-turn]

    Sounds like he saw the rest of the traffic, but not you at the front.

    When I can remember, I tend to weave left to right across the lane two or three times in these situations. The large degree of headlight movement across their field of vision (rather than the tiny degree afforded by your straight-line approach) seems to work well. Until it doesn't of course... but it makes sense to me.