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My near new duc

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by locusm, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Bit of a crap shot of my 2010 Monster 696, just arrived.

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  2. Sweet Ride! Enjoy (y)
  3. Eye candy!

    I'm looking for a nice 748, I think I can own a Duke.
  4. She only has 600kms on her too, bought in Melbourne and shipped up to Brisbane... just gotta sort out rego etc.
  5. Yep, that's a crap shot. Good bike though
  6. I bet it sounds goood!
  7. Welcome to the cafe cruiser club my friend, enjoy!
  8. That bike deserves a better picture you lazy bugger.
  9. Thanks Chris, are you using any kind of tail or tank bag on your 659? Im trying to avoid hauling my 17" MBP around in a backpack.
    So far the Kriega gear looks to fit the bill...
  10. (y) Some nice pics please!
  11. Those exhausts look like artillery pieces from behind :LOL:.
  12. The Kriega gear is top quality if you don't mind the premium price tags that come with it.

    I have the R20 and lug my MacBook Pro Retina around in it, and can say quite comfortably it is one of, if not, the best bags on the market.

    I will eventually invest in a US-40 tailpack for cruising, but money is tight at the moment getting a house deposit together.
  13. Did you get a free latte with your purchase?

    Haha, j/k. :p

    Congrats on a good looking bike!
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  14. Updated with new pics.
  15. Looks nice mate. Look after the paintwork, it has a tendency to turn pink over time. Invest in some lipstick polish to keep the red looking shmicko.
  16. I love 80% of the bike, but I don't understand why noone puts a normal round headlght on naked bikes anymore
  17. Im with him ^^^^^-and the industrial girder frame
  18. Nice lookin' ride
    ...and the paint bought cheap from the italian post office is the only way to go
  19. love love love the Ducati....soooo beautiful!!!!! congrats mate :)
  20. Nice one mate, looks like Ducati Brisbane? I'm just around the corner from there haha. Must sound sweet with the Termis!

    I have a 2008 696, originally red but swapped the panels with matte black ones.

    I definitely recommend the following cheap and effective mods:
    - Bar end mirrors, they look cool and the stock mirrors suck. (I got moto deluxe ones for $90 on ebay)
    - 14 tooth front sprocket, the change from the 15 tooth to 14 tooth is very popular on these bikes, it feels like a new bike afterwards making it much revvier down low. $30
    - Tank grips or aftermarket seat so you don't slide into the tank all the time. (I got tech spec grips for $50)

    Speaking of which I have a brand new spare pair of moto deluxe bar end mirrors to suit the monster you can have for $50 if you're interested. They are great quality and take about 5 minutes to fit, just google the name for some reviews.

    CA Cycleworks has heaps of ducati stuff and great prices.