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My near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Fuping, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. The road speed limit is 80.

    I thought he would come out and keep on the left lane or middle lane, but it looked like the driver just didn't see me.:shock:
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  2. Looks like you gave him a friendly wave afterwards. Well done. :)
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  3. pretty smooth
  4. nicely done
  5. Nicely done, I can say I would probably have grabbed a handful of brakes!
  6. hah, there was 3 to pick from but he just had to have YOUR lane.
  7. Nice reaction. Did you get the adrenalin shakes afterwards?
  8. Well done OP.

    To all the noobs in the "near miss" thread. Watch this.

    This is a real "near hit"
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  9. Yeah, but not sure it was a good idea to just plough straight in.

    Here's an alternative response to a similar situation

    Its only a near miss if you want it to be one...
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  10. ^^^ Nicely handled (good clip Brmm).

    Ok, the speed limit was 80 ... does this mean you were battin' along at 80, over-confident, in right lane, with your guard down? Too fast for your mind to adequately process in time what was coming up ahead?

    Driver may not have seen you, but you saw him well in advance (or did you?), and had 3 lanes at your disposal.

    Question: what's with the hand position resting on left bar? Problem/difficulty/injury with thumb perhaps? Likelihood of hand slipping off under hard braking?

    Clips such as these can be really helpful in improving own riding IF prepared to do a bit of self analysis.
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