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My near miss. That is I nearly missed him.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by g19irdr1, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Why do they all say "I didn't see you".
    I hope he didn't see me, otherwise he deliberatley tried to kill me.
    I think "I didn't see you", means I didn't look.

    The repairer stopped adding parts at $7600, so upgrade time, YAY .Agreed value is more than I paid in the first place. =D>

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  2. Yeah, it'd really piss me off if someone said "Yeah I seen ya, but I'm bigger" :-s

    Hope you're ok, on the plus side, new bike!
  3. No car driver ever "see's" any motorcyclists ever so don't ever expect them to.

    My advice is to obtain an "ACOUSTIC SAFETY DEVICE" (LOUDER MUFFLER)

    Although considered obnoxious is an essential survival accessory and will help ensure that cars are notified of your presence.
  4. Mufflers direct 90% of all noise backwards from your seat when your moving. Most of the time they wont help people hear you. Especially when quite a lot of drivers have ipods in their ears, and dof dof music at very high volumes in the car.
  5. Yeh mate doppler effect.

    I have very loud twin with pipes on a big V-twin which you will hear a block away and I still have cars merging into me if i'm not on my toes and keeping a good position on the road. I'm sure they hear me as I accelerate away from them though! :LOL:
  6. Well maybe the placebo effect comes into play but my impression is that cars aren't dropping in on me nearly as much since fitting the Yoshimura. I've noticed a number indicate and then wait until I pass them... a rather pleasant surprise!
  7. Even though loud pipes may not help with cars around you being notified of your presence, I've noticed a 100% improvement with not being tailgated any more after having the baffles removed :D
  8. loud pipes help but are not the end all solution.
  9. Ah, I'm pretty sure the doppler effect relates to the pitch (frequency) of a sound as it moves towards/away from the observer, and has nothing to do with volume (amplitude).

    Anyway, have fun finding a new bike g19irdr1.
  10. What a crock, people in front of me have pulled off the road when I am behind them and it ain't the pissy headlamp on, yellow pants and a reflective vest, that alerts them to my presence.

    Loud mufflers are hardly the answer to poor road craft but to deny that they make a difference to all motorcyclist safety is simply ridiculous.
  11. mmm, Baffless Yoshis.... :grin:

    Oh, whassat? :-s Why have them?
    :-k Umm, Safety. 8-[ Yeah, they can hear me better. Yeah, that's it.

    And to the OP, sorry to hear about the fork rake modification.
  12. That is correct.

    This is why quick posting is not good. There is no time to think and reflect on one's post. If I had thought about it I would have remembered the argument we all had on the topic about a year ago. :rofl: