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my near miss and first post

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by damien613, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. hi everyone, I can't remember how I found this website - but I did, so I decided to sign up! :)

    I am currently a probationary rider in Melbourne, however full licenced driver so don't have to display P plates..

    so this morning crossing the westgate as I have to every morning, traffic pretty choccas there is a rider in front of me... admittidly if I see a gap between cars I'll take it as I've gotta get to work.

    as I was nearing the bolte bridge on ramp, I took the left lane as it seemed clear and so to did the rider in front of me. In front of both of us was a 4x4 hauling a massive trailer indicating to merge right and slowly moving right to get into the lane beside him, but for some reason this guy decided he didn't wanna turn right he wanted to stay in the on ramp lane, however as he decided this (and opened an almost clear lane gap for us riders) the rider in front of me proceeded to overtake the trailer / 4x4 and got sandwhiched between the concrete barrier / trailer!

    It was like being on the scene of a TAC commercial, the rider hit the deck luckily freeing himself from his bike which got dragged a couple hundred metres between the wall and this trailer as the old guy mustn't have realised he had taken out a rider!!

    It was pretty full on, first accident I have seen and being so close to the extent where it could have been me if that rider hadn't have been in front of me!

    Luckily the guy seemed ok, I stayed until the ambo's / po po came, got the guys bike off the road and to a safer spot behind the barriers. Also lucky bike didn't look "too" bad, however who knows it had some bad scratches and some missing plastic bits but hopefully no bent frame etc..

    anyway stay safe peoples!!
  2. Crikies, lucky he was OK and lucky it wasn't you.
  3. +1
  4. Agree with that!!! Not a great way to start your day off seeing that.
    Good on you for sticking around to help out.
    Stay safe!!!
  5. 4WD driver get charged?
  6. doesn't read well for either the rider or the driver.
  7. Holy fuk!! :shock: Always wondered what it would be like getting sandwitched between a car - car / barrier / truck etc. (from some close near miss splitting incidents).

    Rider should be in the clear yes peoples? Can only pass of the left if the vehicle in front is indicating to turn right. (cbf linking it, but its one of the things they try to catch riders on who have been caught filtering and splitting).
  8. Unfortunately the rider was me.

    Thanks Damian for helping me out while we waited for the ambulance.

    My only recollection is the car with trailer indicated right, merged over to the right, then as I was about to pass swerved back at me. I clearly remember being behind the trailer when it started to come across. I remember hitting the barrier to my left and then I was on the ground.

    Got out of hospital yesterday. Several breaks in my left hip, no doubt from the barrier. No walking for 3 months and it hurts like hell.

    My gear did a great job of protecting me though. No other breaks or grazes.

    Haven't heard about my bike yet. It was only two months old.
  9. Forgot to add...

    I don't think I was splitting at the time, he was moved right over towards the other lane. (I never split moving vehicles) and I thought was in front of me. I think there were markings showing you can't merge to the right where he was doing it as well, s it would be an illegal lane change.

    Regardless, I get 3 months unable to walk, he gets nothing, Policed marked it as "no further police action".
  10. Broken hips are the worst, hope you have a speedy recovery.

    I hate to imagine what an armco barrier would have done :mad:
  11. sorry to hear about that.

    Speedy recovery mate
  12. Thanks.

    The hip sux big time, but I feel like I'm pretty lucky. No wire rope or armco, I somehow got away from the bike and trailer instead of being dragged too far, I landed off the busy road away from the trucks and had wonderful people to help me out.
  13. ccs Not walking for 3 months is far better than some of the Alternatives.

    I am sure we can arrange a steel box between us melbourne members to get you to a coffee night though when your up to it.
  14. Lazy corrupt c*nts. :evil:

    Glad you're OK, ccs. I know I would have done the same thing in that situation (accelerate through the gap), and I can only imagine the aches and pain you're going to endure while you heal. All the best mate.
  15. thats terrible!!

    from what I saw (being directly behind you) as he was merging right he had almost opened up the lane completely, so you were hardly splitting.

    not good news about the hip at all, I hope the damage report on the bike isn't too bad also - it's a nice bike but it did have a few bits broken on it which I'd imagine will equate to abit (after just having an $800 service on my bike I'd hate to see how much those parts on yours will add up to!)

    take care mate and I wish you a speedy recovery.
  16. Thanks Damien.

    I haven't heard the final word on the bike yet. My father had a quick look at it on the weekend but he doesn't know bikes well.