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My near accident experience

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by banditbob, May 14, 2007.

  1. Few days ago I was riding home from uni doing 60 in peak hour traffic and this sedan pulls out from a commercial driveway, right in front of me.

    Didnt even look!

    Ive only riden for a few months now...and my immediate thought was..'yep ur a gonner.'

    I slammed on both brakes, bike screetches so bloody loud. Then the back of the bike started to drift. He just missed me, passing by into the far right lane.

    I kept going sideways, and somehow..managed to keep the handlebars straight.


    It just overwhelms me, how absentminded these chicken shi#y cage drivers can be. I get cut off on the freeway, bullied in the fast lane by 4wdrivers (even when im well over the limit)...its just getting out of hand.

    From now on I'm gonna do what my mate does and kickin their tailights...then drop back. The beauty of rear-only number plates. :evil:
  2. Were you in the left or the right hand wheel-track of your lane?

    ... they may actually have looked and not seen you.

    I'd be next to them on the horn and gesturing wildly - if they acknowledge sorry: shake head in disbelief, ride away.

    If the present the finger: break their shit off.
  3. Sympathy for the near miss, and i know exactly how you feel :cry: .

    However you need to understand that being a rider also makes you reponsible for your own riding and postioning. Putting yourself into a position that allows others to see you is a great defence. Also to counteract others actions will become an inbuilt reaction, asking yourself if they saw you and not taking it foregranted that they did, will save your skin (literaly).

    About breaking thier s$%t off is up to you, it really depends if you take the same route everyday with others that aslo do a similiar route. You could put yourself in a position that someone recognises you from another incident and further endanger your person.
    Or educate them to the error of thier ways by a shake of the head.
    But by all means if the situation arises that someone does an unspeakable act to you putting your person in danger delibratley, start displaying your actions through a series of quick ninja hits to the protruding parts of the vehicle :twisted: .
  4. Sounds like a close call there mate. Good to hear you got out safe.

    A skill which riders will gain through experience is predicting what cars may do and not just assuming they will see you. In this case, you might have been able to avoid to incident if you slowed, changed positions in your lane and watched the driver carefully.
  5. My idiot vespa friend does this thing in peak hour traffic where he sits on the far left of the left lane basically inviting something to happen. He has been riding longer than me, about 15 years, and has shown me some traffic avoiding stuff that blows my mind. But this all comes at a price as drivers rarely see him and he pisses alot of people off. I find the best thing to do is sit in the right lane. If anyone is going to turn out of a driveway they are more likely to do so in to the left. But as another friend once said, every car is a potential murder weapon and should be treated as such.
    Safe riding dude.
  6. The most recent issue of BIKE magazine has a great 'improve your riding' section at the rear, and one of the things specifically mentioned there is rider positioining in the left of the left lane, with reference to it giving you less chance to react to just this situation. They say ride in the right-hand wheel track, it's safer.

    {Not saying you WERE riding right next to the kerb, but just to flag it. It sounds like you had good control of the brakes and your bike, and avoided a sticky mess..}
  7. Fortunately no close calls on the motorbike yet but I've had some rippers on the push-bike. The most recent was a rent-a-van merging across me because he missed the turn-off. He'd just finished passing me (I was in the bike lane on St Kilda Road where everyone splits off for Kings Way) when he decided he needed to be where I was. I have no idea how I didn't end up mashed between him and a bunch of other cars. When he realised what he had done he just looked at me like I was an idiot. I didn't stop screaming at him 'til he was well out of earshot.

    I'm used to being invisible and I usually don't mind when a driver doesn't notice me (with the exception of the scenario described above), but that dude was very lucky I didn't have a rocket-launcher mounted to the front of my bike...