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My my my...wasn't it windy today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firefling, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. I got conned into going for a ride. Unfortunately I had to be the one that chose which side of Melbourne I wanted to ride around and I stoopidly picked west side. It's flat with lots of grassland and the wind is bad on a normal day. :shock: On a windy day like this....weaving my bike side to side was not intentional :LOL:

  2. I'ld reckon people will struggle in a car let alone a bike... Did you cross the Westgate coming in over from Clayton?
  3. I'd rather ride in rain than wind; at least rain is a little more consistent; wind is so unpredictable!
  4. I had to go pick up my bike in Geelong.....after getting there and taking it out for a spin i decided that my second time on a bike was going to be scary but on a windy day like today i decided to leave it in Geelong and go get it another time.
    I done my L permit last wednesday....the coldest day on record for 30 years....is somebody tring to tell me something.???
  5. The day I went to get my Full License it rained, really hard - and I had NEVER riden in the rain. Still managed to get it - and still haven't riden in the rain (personal note: must do that!!)
  6. Riding over the westgate bridge in the wind is an experience.
    You get used to it very quickly though and believe it or not I enjoy the challenge..
  7. Made my second day on the road an 'interesting' one too.. :shock: :D I can just see that it's going to piss down tomorrow while I'm riding up to coffee just to upset me.. :? :wink:
  8. Bring on the wind!!!! Challenging and a hell of a lot of fun (except banked over into a corner then it puckering moments)
  9. Nah not the westgate, went through Bolte bridge, and the experienced of being up so high for so long...well let's just say that the quote "wind in my face" was an understatement. :LOL:
  10. The challenge of the wind, or the challenge of pushing one's self to degrade themselves enough to cross the westgate and live on the 'dark side'
    :LOL: :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p

    (How fast can one run with a flame suit on?)
  11. Both!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Dealing with wind: Relax - don't fight it. If you tighten up the wind it'll push you around a lot more. If you relax and trust your bike. gusts of wind might make you lean over and move around a bit, but the bike shold auto-correct. If you need to counter-steer a little to lean intothe wind, be alert to when the wind drops.....
  13. This morning's just as bad. The ol' Red Baron struggled into the headwind. Throttle open to the stops, going up hill, crouched down and still only achieving 73kmph...:LOL:
  14. Yep the wind was interesting out around Kinglake and stuff yesterday and the car was getting moved around on the Bolte and the Westgate this morning.
    Agree with Moike, just relax and the bike will sort itself out most of the time. just be careful when passing trucks as they can cause a false sense of security with the amount they can sheild you.
  15. I damn near needed knee sliders just to ride in a straight line :!: :!: :evil: :evil:

    Oh well, good work out for the neck muscles.......bloody naked bikes, I'm starting to look like a rugby player :?
  16. yep, I like to use the analogy of bending like a reed in the wind.
  17. Thanks for that advise Moike :) , I myslef will go out is it's raining but have not gone out on a real windy day :eek: . My little GPX250 gets blown away every where as it is :cry: . I will however keep that in mind and hopefully will be brave enough to face the winds. :LOL:
    Cheers Lainie :p
  18. speaking of riding conditions i had the rear wheel doing little fishtails gearing down this morning while riding in the wet :shock: made life a little interesting though not the end of the world as i was careful only to down-shift when heading in a dead straight line.

    good for reminding me to brake earlier, add some acceleration when clutching down and not being lazy and relying on engine braking as i do when the road is dry :idea: :)
  19. Que?
    You had compression lockup on the zzr in the wet?
    The problem lies in gearing down too high in the rev range if you are doing that.
    This also means you are placing undue pressure on your chain and rear tyres in the dry as the little lockups you notice in the wet are not as noticeable in the dry but are still there.
    I ride an 1100cc bike with a boxer engine that if not geared down properly will throw you off with its compression lock so you have better improve that technique in a hurry if you plan on riding a bigger bore bike.
    Allow the bike to slow down more in the same gear before gearing down or apply the brakes slightly and gear down if you want to use engine braking.