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my mums new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doogboy, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    mum picked up her new bike today traded in her gsx1400 makes my poor sv look puny

    good on ya mum!!
  2. OMG how tough is she!! GO MUM!!! nice looking bike too.
  3. You for real?? Thats awesome, great bike, hope she's not faster then you :p
  4. Very Nice!!!!!

    good on ya mum
    (hmmm sounds like a good tingle for a Advertisment)

  5. :shock: :cry:

    So there's nice 14 somewhere out there ?

    And congrats to your Mum, enjoy cruisin' :cool:
  6. i hope im still quicker through the corners :oops:

    the cruiser suits her needs better ,shes allways jumping on the bike and heading for ballina or toowoomba or narabri to visit freinds.this thing will see many" highway miles"

    would you belive this is only her 4th bike she went from a vx250 to a z900 to the 1400 and now this all in 6 years of riding didnt get her license till she was 57

    she is very happy with the big 1800(thats bigger than the motor in my first car :eek: )
  7. Your mum is cool... good on her .. :cool:
  8. Well done doogboy's mum.
    my mum sold her cb 250 about 9 months ago,she couldn't find anyone to ride with ,she was so bloody slow.and to be honest i was happy about it.
    And yes i went for a spin with her , but i just couldn't keep my eye on the road,i was to worried about her. :oops:
  9. go mum,
    my mum doesn't even ride... lol
  10. i'll take ya mum for a ride sometime hgsuzuki. :grin: no offence.
  11. what bike is that?
  12. Its a Suzuki M109 Boulavard 1800cc, is a nice friggin bike

    and dude ya mums rocks :cool:
  13. Good on her hope she has many years of enjoyment
  14. Thats so excellent. I love it when people realise its never too late to start riding. What a beast of a bike for her to ride too. I have noticed over the last 10 years a marked increase in women beginning to ride after 50 and eventually riding monster bikes. Go to any Ulysses AGM and there will be many more like her. Way to go Mum!
  15. Very nice !
  16. damn....your mum is hardcore!
    good on ya mum!!^^
  17. very cool :cool:
  18. Love it! My Mum keeps toying with the idea...she likes to surf the net looking at bikes with me!! She has a degenerative spinal condition which means a spill could be really bad for her, yet every time she sees a Virago she groans and drools. I love it that the oldies (eh-hem - sorry, the elders) are taking that step and living the dream.

    Your Mum rode a Z900? You mean the 1970s Z900?!
  19. my mum had to retire early (was a nurse for over 30 years ) because of her back but about 7 years ago had an opp and hasnt looked bock since

    i think her Z was a 78 or 79 model, it was her first big bike only paid a couple of grand for it ,but it was a real beast "midnight blue" with black rims very nice bike
  20. Not only does your Mum ride a big bike, she rode a Z900!! Mad Max! Stone!! Instant real toughness! You've got one of the coolest Mum's on the planet! Next we'll hear she's been booked under the hoon laws!