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My much to close near miss.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cbar6, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. So went for quick spin after work tonight, riding along doing 70km/h two lane road traffic heavy. Came around slight bend to find 20 cars backed up at lights in both lanes, which is common on this road.
    I new I would have to stop hard, but nothing crazy so hit brakes and wiped off some speed. I was rolling up to a stop behind car infront when as I have make a habbit of doing, look in the mirrors and what do I see this time?
    White car going way to fast approaching me very quickly.
    I knew that as I had to stop quite quick this cage would be lucky to pull up in time.
    I cant even remember thinking, just hit the gas and pulled around left of car in front.
    It was then I heard the squeel of tyres, he ended up stopping less than a foot behind the car I was just behind. I cant even remember reacting as it happend so fast, but am so glad I did what I did. Ive been riding 3 years now and it was the first real moment ive had.
    Im rather glad with myself I reacted so quick and just knew what to do without even thinking.

    Could have been one very squashed CBR tonight!
    Practicing survival skills, having a 'plan' and getting into a habbit of watching the mirrors at lights and anticipating the worst is so worth it, its only a mater of time before you will use it.

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  2. sounds like you reacted just in time, coming around a blind corner to find that situation i can't think of a better time to *ahem* filter at least a couple of cars up to give a buffer from the next people coming unknowingly around the corner
  3. too true. good escape. thats one thing all riders should have on the mindds at ALL times. sounds like you had a good instructor mate.
    what wasthe reaction of the cager afterwards? (after you changed your pants?) most seem to not want to acknowledge their lack of attention to the road and other users, eg: ignore you, back right off......

    anyways good to hear you came through okay..
  4. Thanks for the reminder, CBR6, and well escaped. Regardless of what they teach you in theory it never makes as much sense as when it happens in real life!

    Heads up, ppls, lesson from an old guy.


    Most riders who get into trouble are riding right up to the limit; their's, the bike's, the road's. Leave yourself some leeway in case something like this goes wrong. Always have an escape plan, and, if you do, and you're thinking about it while you ride, when the time comes to use it, you won't even THINK about it, you'll just do it, just like CBR6 did.
  5. Yeah Standard gager response, elbow on window head against hand looking very sheepish. After it all i slowed down so he was beside me so i put my hand up like to say WTF, and didnt even acknowledge me.
    Decided to leave him alone, probally crapped his pants the wanker.
    I usually filter all the time in heavy trafic, this happend so damn fast.
  6. Your story's a great reminder to keep an eye on the mirrors when you're stopping and stopped.

    I probably don't do this as well as I should do. I think part of it is having mirrors that show you what's behind-and-alongside-you, rather than what's directly behind.

    But I think I'll take much more care to check them until I'm certain the car behind me's come to a halt.
  7. Glad to hear you got through that okay cbar6.
    Very scarey.

    I'm always looking for a gap that I can fit in. :) Just in case.
  8. Well, of course we all should do that...but it makes you wonder why most bikes are fitted with mirrors whose only useful purpose seems to be to give you an excellent view of your armpits and very little else..
  9. Thanks peeps.
    Yeah ive made a habbit of checking mirrors when coming to a stop, even when no cars are around it feels silly, but you have to learn to do it at each and every stop.
    Im most happy with the mirrors on my CBR, they give me a good view to the back and to the side, much better than my FZR2fity in that all i could see was my shoulders, really bad mirrors for a bike indeed.
  10. Heard a funny story of a young lady who, when the gap is looking just that little too tight, reaches over and tucks her mirrors in. Just to be sure.
  11. There is nothing like that feeling when u split some cars and you know its tight!
    Like a kinda shiver from head to toe as ur trying to balance!
  12. Know what you mean.
  13. My motorcycle instructor (HART Brisbane), taught me the following when coming to a stop in traffic:

    1. Always leave a gap between myself and the car in front of at least one small car length ie; enough room so you can get yourself out of there quickly if required (obviously this is exactly what you did in this instance and glad you're ok because of it!); &

    2. Always leave the bike in 1st gear until at least 2 cars have come to a complete stop behind you. That way, if you need to move quickly, you're ready to do so.

    When in the cage, I still cannot believe the number of motorcyclists I see who ride right up to the rear bumper of the car in front. Scary........


  14. drivin pops car yesdy on the m1 saw a hardly rider tailgating a large 4wd.
    in the oil line.
    about 1metre off the bumper no shit

    when youre a rider yourself and you see what others do, it amazing how quickly we get a bad reputation
    the worst thing is he did it for a good 5kms

    i dont know what he was trying to achieve......
  15. BTW now i always filter right to the front at lights because of that fact... id rather leave a large gap between me and cagers, rather than being stuck in a jam, and then trying to filter through at speed.
    also i think it makes them aware off me more when i roar past them ...

    on my 2fiddy :LOL:
    another great tip i heard is when taking off at an intersection use the car next to you as a shield when you go through the intersection and then scoot off when your through. :wink:
  16. perfect example of why lanesplitting should be legalised - the government loves taking drastic measures for the result of saving maybe save one or two motorists lives (eg banning v8's for p platers), so why not to save cbar6's life (which may well have been in question had it not been for a lanesplit)?
  17. Well it is legal here in vic, in which im glad for. Other states should adopt it for sure.
    I ride anyway I can to do so safely and minimise risk, if I get pinned in the process then so be it. I know at times i speed, mostly to get out of traffic or to put myself in a better position on the road.
    Its only the unmotorcycle educated cops that have issues with it. I really make an issue of it when i get pulled up by some cop whom has never riden a bike who feels the need to question how quick i pull off from traffic lights, there are no laws for accleration.
    Again most cops I have had have been ok.
  18. Good on you for such a quick and good decision!!! it most probably saved your bike if not your life!!

    I had some thing very similar happen to me a fiew years back... I was coming to a stop at the lights and looked in my mirrors only to find a car a 1m behind me... so I just continued on and linesplit... as I enterd b/w the cars I heard the smash... yep the knob run streight into the car that was in front of me just a sec b4...
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  20. So I think now that the car stoped 1 foot behind car in front and skidded for maybe a few seconds, which could have been a metre or so, what would have happened to me if I hadnt moved out to the side?
    1. Squashed CBR
    2. ??? me?