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My MT-03

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Peony, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. After a bit of a wait I picked up my brand new MT-03 today - I really wanted the black one but there were none available so I was quite happy to take the white one and planned on getting the tank painted that awesome Yamaha blue. Well today I discovered the reasons for the delay - the bike had actually arrived in Sydney over a week ago but my hubby had conspired with the dealers to keep it's arrival from me in order to have it resprayed!!!! So here she is - the first one is my photo the others were taken at Trooper Lu's.

    I am currently doing a very happy dance :love::D(y)

    It will be a few days before I head off for a long ride though - been a while since i rode a geared bike so have to get back on track - did do a little this afternoon - just wants to go - quite a bit of torque


    mt03 4.

    mt03 3.
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  2. looks great!
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  4. Sweet ride
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  5. PeonyPeony, she is gorgeous! Congratulations!! You obviously have perfect taste - you chose a great bike and very romantic husband ;)
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  6. Uses the same engine as the XT660r - very torquey big single cylinder thumper. Pretty bulletproof engine and will certainly go if you twist it off the line. I like the look of the MT-03, funky, urban punk design. I actually like the white better though :)\

    Congrats on the new bike, I know you'll enjoy it!
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  7. Congratulations PeonyPeony, your MT-03 looks great - they have a striking look. I had a good look at one at a local dealership recently. It was quite unique among the other bikes.
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  8. What a beauty. I have not seen mt 03 in blue. Reow. Your husband ...hmmm... Does he know what's he done? I guess he is now ditched because you will want "me time" :)
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  9. congrats on the new ride :] looks great
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  10. PeonyPeony congratulations on your gorgeous new ride. I can imagine that you both wanted to kill and kiss hubby at the same time! Have fun getting to know your bike and stay safe. :happy:
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  11. Your hubby needs to be hung, dried and quartered for his deeds. How can we mere mortals compete against that........ Congrats on a fabulous bike. Enjoy and ride safe.
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  12. The funniest part of it was when I went to pick it up yesterday they took me outside to show me all the controls etc that they do as part of the delivery and it was a white one with a sold tag and then Chris (the sales guy ) looked over towards the workshop entrance and there was a blue one - it seriously took a moment for it to sink in that the blue one was mine - didn't know whether to hug them or strangle them!!!! I did hug them in the end!!!

    Went out this morning for an hour to practice - is such a comfy bike, very responsive and so nice to ride. A few more sessions and I will be out on the open road!!!!
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  13. what is even funnier (i have just found out) is that everyone else in the shop knew what was going on!!!! :ROFLMAO:
  14. Giggity - enjoy PeonyPeony
  15. yay yay yay lucky girl!!! Very envious. Have heaps of fun :)
  16. It's almost a 'scrambler'. I bet it would almost handle like a dual-sport, on good dirt roads.
    Envious, I am.
  17. Looks great. Your husband sounds like a too bloke too....too bad it makes us other husbands look worse!!
  18. Love that you took photos before it had left the dealers.

    Alright already I get the message. Vacuuming, ironing & washing dishes isn't enough.
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  19. Congrats on the new ride, it looks great and I hope you enjoy, I'm sure you will.
  20. angry looking little thing! that seat looks comfy, is it standard? Oh and that looks like it has the easiest rear preload adjustment ever!