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My mowf feelth like burning.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. My girlfriend thinkth I uthed too much habenero in the thalsa but I dithagee.

  2. Halopeno s
    There soft cok chillis
  3. Soft!

    Try hot English mustard!
  4. I believe he said habiniero, not halopeno.

    Forgive spelling.

    ETA: From Wikipedia..

  5. Oh jalapeños are no big deal. Habeneros are a different breed, and wonderful. These are called "Scotch bonnets" and they're kinda like being punched in the mouth, deliciously.
  6. Just be careful where you put you're habeneroey tongue.
  7. Not a problem, the cat is hiding.
  8. ...and keep your hands away from your....umm... bits.
  9. Lol soz i got that wrong
    Retract soft add rock
  10. hot food is all about how you breathe,
    dont breathe through your mouth and time your breaths
  11. I really wanna try a jolokia, but at the same time, I really do not ****ing want to try a jolokia
  12. I wouldn't trust any chilli with a name that looks like Latin for "Butt Joke".
  13. Mabe just get the spray ..
  14. They're a hell of an experience. I've got a bag of dried bhut jolokia peppers here which I use in chilli etc. but eating them whole is... yeah, fun. Imagine uncontrollable hiccups, drooling, sweating etc. for about 20-30 minutes. Never tried a fresh one, but I'd imagine they're even worse.

    Had a mate of mine eat one, then about an hour later went to... relieve himself. I have never seen anything as funny in my life as the sight of a grown man crying in pain while dunking his nuts in a tub of "dora the explorer" yoghurt.
  15. Worst hot-food experience I've had was slicing up fresh habaneros and the juice from one sprayed into my eye. That was… uncomfortable.
  16. I always get Jalepenos on my Subway, that's how extreme I am. Even breakfast.