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my movie is finished :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. A year in the making, I finally finished it last friday. Co-written and Directed by me :grin:

    The animation and 3d modelling was done by just two people, myself and my co-worker a second year student on industry placement :shock:
    It is a 13 minute sterographic educational short film but with a story.
    Featuring a budget 1/10 of the cheapest animated hollywood film (Hoodwinked) and 1/150 of the most expensive (flushed away). I reckon we've done alright :)



    I'll put up the trailer in a while.
  2. Wow! What's he looking at?

    Is Milla Jovovich naked in that chamber?

    I think I've seen this movie already...
  3. :rofl:

    I'm doing 3d design at the moment so should be interesting.
  4. I don't even need to see this film to tell you it needs more boobies.

    Of course I'm cheating, because ALL films need more boobies.

  5. and the chant goes up "more boobies, more boobies, more boobies" :woot:
  6. looks pretty smooth
  7. looks pretty good ay..... i have a question; is his elbows dislocated ? other than that its nice 'n smooth and good on the eye :)

  8. hey don't blame me, blame the censor nazis.

    as for the elbows, yeh that is a rigging issue, no time to fix it up, it isn't very noticable in the moving versions, so err yes...
  9. gotta say that's a top effort for a 2 person job.
    you need to get some cheap asian labour to fix up them elbows. ;) :p

    hope to check out the film soon.
    btw is it a short?
  10. "It is a 13 minute sterographic educational short film but with a story. "
  11. russ - pretty schmick. :applause: :applause: :applause:

    I must say though, my skin crawled a little when the copyright logo came up at the end ;)
  12. Very nice, little to stereo on the girls ozzy accent :LOL:

    Swinburne is great :grin: :p
  13. trailer looks pretty cool

    when can we watch the movie?
  14. thanks!

    skin crawling? I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about... 8-[ :LOL:

    the movie will be out in all our theatres (we have a bunch of stereographic theatres around the world) in the next few weeks.
  15. Well done, Russ!
    I wouldn't know where to start creating something like that :shock:
  16. Cool trailer! :cool: Took a year to make :eek: how long does the whole thing go for?

    accent is abit funny :LOL: