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My motorcycle repair setup without a center stand

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jaguarfanster, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. motorcycle stands motorcycle stand? Two car jack stankds on the swing arm and a hydraulic lift will suffice. The ropes and frame ensure the bike doesn't swing off as I lift it onto the stands


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  2. That's pretty fancy... I just use a two lumps of wood under both sides of the swing arm...
  3. I contemplated doing that but couldn't life it accurately onto the wood. Doing car maintenace in the past means I have all these spare goodies lying around!
  4. Fair enough man! Looks good and it CERTAINLY looks like it gets the job done. :p
  5. Stand bike upright. Place block of wood under sidestand, about 40mm thick. Place jack under RH footpeg to lift rear wheel, or under the engine to lift front wheel. Too easy.
  6. how much life do you have left in that rear tyre?
  7. I'd give it a year... Maybe 9 months if I want to be on the safe side...
  8. Should be able to stretch it out to a couple of years if he doesn't ride anywhere in a straight line ... just turn, turn, turn ...
  9. Haha you goons. Looks like captain obvious has figured out why I'm lifting the rear wheel :p

    The rear tyre is pretty shot. I'm going for a roadworthy so I'll have to replace the whole set. Front+Rear. New tyres are pretty expensive. Pablo tyres happened to quote me $341 for set. Well at least it includes fitting. However I'm probably going to go the wreckers get a 90% treaded set for $150. Plus another $30 fitting when I give them the rims. Too easy.
  10. meh, i use a forklift......
    or if its the dirty, just lift it onto a small crate or two.

    the joys of having access to a hydraulic engineering workshop....