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My Motorcycle Diaries

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by motoGrapher, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Hey mates, I have been taking motorcycle photos for quite a while now and I am new to NetRider. What better way to get warmed up here than to share my motorcycling photos. See below every photo for details of the click. 640 pixels is a little less for showing off but what the heck, rules are rules!

    Start engines!

    First it'll be my Ireland trip, 4 photos each day:

    Black Valley at 9PM after rains, Ireland

    Self portrait, somewhere in Ireland

    A moto Guzzi Norge in Dublin, 1 AM night

    A beautiful road in Ireland
  2. Nice shots - lurrve shot number 3.

    You've inspired me!
  3. Namaste Sunny!

    Did I meet you last year at NID Ahmedabad? I'm the gora that was setting off on an RX135...

    Welcome to netrider anyway,
  4. Thanks Luke.

    @roh: You cannot be serious. This is a small world! So did you ride on the RX finally? And are you in Melbourne?
  5. 4 more for the day:

    Hook Head, Ireland

    One of the many pretty narrow roads in Ireland

    A nicely decorated house window in Kinsale, Ireland

    Tunnel of Leaves
  6. Some lovely shots.
    Ireland seems like a nice destination.
    How does that model bm go?
  7. Thanks smee. The Beemer was powerful alright, but nowhere smooth as the Japs like the Concours which I rode around NZ and which was shaft driven too.
  8. I lived in Ireland for a year... You wouldn't expect it to be a great motorcycle destination, what with the narrow roads and the pissed farmers everywhere. But the scenery is just heartbreaking, and you'll never find friendlier people than out in the Irish countryside.
  9. You sure can snap 'em! Welcome! I never get sick of living vicariously through other people's adventures when I'm not out on my own!
  10. Yep, that little smoker took me to Calcutta via Delhi, McLeod Ganj and Rishikesh! Yep, back in Melbourne. There are actually 4 NIDeans on exchange at RMIT at the moment too.

    Nice photos too, particularly the black valley one.
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  12. Brilliant shots! Both these and the Hyo shots from the other thread. You've got some serious talent going on there.

  13. @fekkinell:Thanks!

    @speed demon: Yes, the NZ ride was perhaps the best one I have yet, a tad above the Ireland one. The bike was fantastic as were the landscapes. Truly a fantastic country to ride in!

    Also, if anyone of you is interested and has 10 minutes to spare with broadband view this: http://www.thegreatirelandroadtrip.com/video.php

    P.S: Someone help me get a Ninja 250 for a shoot in Melbourne soon, please!
  14. All from Ireland:




  15. ok. I must go to this place called eyelind
  16. 4 more from Ireland:




  17. that second one almost looks like cgi
  18. ^ I wish I was that good in CGI! :D
  19. I think I'm beginning to understand fine art photography: wait until the storm clouds come. :p

    I love the second from your 05-Oct-2009 19:26 post, the reflection on that water is amazing. That shot must have taken a fair amount of time to set up!
  20. wow, these are great photo like your other thread =D>