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My MotoGP shots

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by doonx, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Clicky Clicky Clicky

    They're all 800x600, and there are a number of ones with motion blur. My camera is just a P&S digi.

    125's at turn 2

    a few at Siberia

    250's & MotoGP at turn 10/11

    Here's my fave:


    oh yeah, and Princess Buttercup's butt:

  2. For a P&S they're pretty damn good.

    I took the camera too.

    I have a few favs, but they're all here



    Slightly overexposed, but still nice
  3. You guys should check out Christian Wright's stuff from the weekend

    What he got with lens restrictions as a spectator is amazing.
  4. Nice shots, though I'd say a 1D Mk III with a 300mm L series Canon lens isn't really a restriction!
  5. the security check in that regard were non-existent. I took a friend of mine who was doing some freelance, she had a number of lenses, and was not checked for focal length whatsoever
  6. As a spectator that's the limit they will allow. Anything else you need to be accredited. If you hunt through that site you will find his Bathurst shots. That he was accredited for.
  7. Sorry, my comment was regarding the hardware. That is serious equipment! BTW, they are very very nice shots. You either have an eye or you don't (it looks like he does!).
  8. Those monkeys scattered throughout the circuit wouldn't have known a lens from a magnifying glass.

    For an international event they had to have been the dumbest guards that I have ever come across.

    I was chatting to a bloke who told me his mission for the entire weekend was to get into the circuit and onto a grandstand without a ticket.

    Both he and his boy managed it without effort at all.
  9. they even got into the circuit without a ticket? :shock:
  10. Ah, I see. I didn't realise there were lens restrictions.
  11. Unlike those who frequent the Albert Park Pit Lane hey Vic :wink:
  12. Honestly, with half decent equipment, almost anyone can walk away with a handful a keepers...................

    Thought i might as well post a few of mine shot @ Siberia

    Does Hopper get off the bike or what?

    I love the Barry Sheene tribute colour scheme on Chris Vermeulen's Suzuki

    The outgoing World Champ........that still holds the Phillip Island lap record, which Pedrosa almost beat over the course of the race :cool:

    Sorry about the size, it's about the smallest size i like to keep on photobucket :wink:

  13. Some of my shots (most not up yet) PS love to see the shots of your new cute friend did with her camera




    PS love some of the shots posted
  14. I have to add this picture as it belongs to that butt in the 1st post!!!!
  15. Last year, some complaints was made about a security guard trying to confiscate some lens off a guy. Apparently, his approach wasn't really discreet. This year, the security was a bit lacking but it seems like a different bunch of people so I think the approach was more gently gently.

    Nice pics btw to all that took pics :)
  16. You gotta admit it, Ratty's shots are pretty good. Next time, I won't bother and just check his photo hosting site the following Monday!
  17. Ratty great shots!
  18. some awesome pics, smee you usually snap a few post em up mate.

    Damn did not know there was a lens restriction, reckon you would be pissed if you got to the track and they said nah you ain't getting in with that lens :(

    Cheers :cool:
  19. You wouldn't be very restricted if you were forced to use a 300mm 2.8 lens :roll:

  20. Never ended up going this year Dazza the litle fella was crook and I would have felt eternally guilty leaving the missus with a little sick 2 year old while I was boozing it up and having a good time.
    Gave my tickets to a mate of mine who deserves them.

    Of course the little shit is all better now :roll: