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My Motodry Jacket is Officially DEAD

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. I have had it for a year and a half, and the lining in both arms is just shredded. I should have taken it back 6 months ago, but have been a lazy prick.

    I was under the understanding that Motodry made a pretty good product, but the lining on both arms has just gone to pieces for no reason I can fathom.

    So a wet weather jacket that can take normal ware and tear without going to pieces on me.
    Obviously there is the whole range of Dririder options, Who else makes good standard wet weather jackets that I should look at? I don’t need anything for arctic conditions, just a normal Melbourne winter.
  2. if you are feeling wealthy try the tiger angel element jacket
  3. Clearly you're riding too fast. Does it have a speed hump?
  4. Inside shreaded not outside...
  5. You already know about the dri rider, the only other piece of info you need is Nordic 4, $299.
  6. Which Motodry jacket was it?
  7. It is/was a Duo
    I like the jacket, just pissed off that it's linig went to pieces.
  8. I'm thinking about getting their Adventure jacket.
  9. Thats one of my jackets. Love it :grin:
  10. I've got a DriRider Rallycross Evo. To be honest, I probably wouldn't buy another.

    Pros: Good fit, quite adjustable, cosy with thermal liner, facility for a drink bladder.

    Cons: Not even remotely waterproof, very average quality considering price (lots of little loops and bits of velcro have come adrift), decent armour, drink bladder and liner are extra cost option, customer service requires serious hammering on the counter to get results (though to be fair, it was then very good).

    Mind you, I'm not sure if there's anything better available locally without paying a huge premium. I may have to look overseas for a reasonably priced replacement.
  11. With all the air-mesh panels are they suposed to be WP?
    The Rally Cross is on the bottom end of the DriRider range currently going for $149.
  12. I'd like a rally type jacket with mesh outer for summer and thermal / rain inner for winter which is why I've been looking at the MotoDry Adventure.

    The Dririder Summit 2 and Pro look good but they also look hot for summer. My current Dririder mesh jacket has been great, and the removable lining has been very good.
  13. With the liner in, yes. But it's not.

    Yes, the plain Rallycross is currently on offer at $150 (+$50 for the good bits), which is probably about what it's worth. The Evo though is another $100 and $70 for the upgrade kit. Add on the "Perth Premium" and I ended up paying getting on for $350 for what amounts to a $150 jacket.

    Never again :evil: .
  14. Well Motodry has shown good points for service again. (I had some issues with a zip when I first got it, they supplied a loaner jacket and got a pretty good turn around time) The jacket was out of warrantee and had no receipts any way, but with some smooth talking by our very own Johnny with his motodry rep, he got my an impressive discount on a replacement. So for $145 on the replacement I am back in a Duo and will see if the lining in this one fairs any better.