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My Morning Commute to work Video.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Anthony_M400, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. http://youtu.be/Fd3WkE20fj0

    Tell us what you you think?

  2. Tell us what you think?
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    Just take the video ID ("[URL="]Fd3WkE20fj0[/URL]") and whack it in between some
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  4. lol, thanks.
  5. Didn't see enough nodding going on, work on that..
  6. lol, i was after feedback on the video. but ok ;)
  7. Not enough perving.
  8. Feed back on video? How did you get everyone to run across the streets all the time lol
    Conversion throw the speed out?
  9. Feedback on the vid? OK...
    Quality is good, and I can see why you upped the speed. But most of us here want to see it in real-time and hear the engine etc...
    In general, a non-eventful commute to work might help you when watching the playback, but won't excite many others.
    And finally: call me paranoid, but I wouldn't be starting a vid outside my house, then making it public.
  10. No latte stop off?

  11. don't know where or how you learnt to ride on the roads in traffic.
    but you are very good at it. you know what you are doing. you use the bike to it's advantage when safe to do so and otherwise ride defensively.
    sufficiently paranoid, extremely vigilant. you check everything twice. you take in everything all around you very well.
    theres moments when i would have buffered a bit more, but your pace through the traffic maybe compensates for that. different strokes, different folks.
    keep it up.

    i also like the theme of the thread. wish i was in sunny Brisbane on a little red naked italian.
  12. if it's monica belluci you'll be either sharing or hurting. anything or anyone else and you're on your own
  13. Thanks mate, appreciate the good feedback, so hard to impress people nowadays...