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My Monster!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Rolkus, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Well, my Honda Hornet was stolen from outside my partners place, so I was forced to search for another bike.

    I tell you, you don't truly miss something until it really is gone.

    I managed to find a relatively cheap 2004 Ducati Monster 400 S I.E -- so I just snapped it up as soon as I could.

    This bike feels so different to both my previous Hornet, and the ZZR-250. It also feels bigger. It idles way different, and if my Honda ever idled like this, I feel it would stall, which is what I think is going to happen, but it never does. It's fully stock, and loud as, might look at some exhausts at a later date.

    Every time I walk into my garage, I look at the bike and smile, I love everything about it, the way it looks, the way it sounds and the way it performs.

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  2. congrats on the new wheels, looks the the part, like the white line down the middle!!
    maybe the honda was never meant to be..
  3. Nice bike, enjoy it, ducati's always sound/idle/look/feel different... Italians!
  4. Congrats on the new beastie, it's not a Hornet but it's obviously putting a smile on your dial
  5. Great clean looking bike! need more pics i think!
  6. Yep more pics - nice looking bike
  7. Cool monster :D Welcome to the club!

    Your's a bit rattley under 3500?
  8. As long as it puts a smile on the dial, that's all that matters. It's a bloody nice bike, enjoy it.
  9. Sounds to me that you need to organise a ride and show us what she can do.

    If I don't contact you by mid next week about an upcoming ride get in touch with me. It's invite only, non affiliated, for serious motorcyclist (you will be sore Monday morning, and LUV it!).
  10. Nice! The bike looks cool. (y)
  11. You trying to kill me?

    Went on the Tues L session, still not familiar with the bike, it showed in my cornering!

    Thanks for the comments, I'll get more pics soon!
  12. Nice looking bike, did you have insurance?
  13. A monster is a sophisticated ride.
    They do all things well.
  14. nice bike mate :)

    Shame some low life stole your old one :(
  15. You bet!
  16. Couple more pikchas! Excuse the messy garage.


  17. Can anyone point me in the direction of replacement levers and mirrors? Decent ones? I want to see what my options are with them.
  18. Mate of mine just replaced his with Barracuda mirrors and Pazzo levers. Both look and perform well.

    His is a 2006 Monster 620.
  19. That is one stunning looking bike. Would be awesome to learn on. Congrats.
  20. I have CRG mirrors and levers on my monster, bought both from motodeluxe.com.au

    www.monsterparts.com is a great source of bits too.