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My money sink.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, May 20, 2009.

  1. This is my third bike, I first had a 2007 Hyosung GT250R but that got wrote off thanks to a lady in a round about. I got insurance and bought a 2004 Suzuki GS500F, owned that for about 3 months and missed the R part of bikes alot, although i enjoyed the power of the 500. sold the 500 and bought this bike, a 1988 Honda CBR250R MC19 (as far as i know). reason i went for this bike is to have a bike thats the same age as me, and to restore it.

    Plans are to make this money sink to near as practical possible to its factory condition, will probably leave the fairings and exhaust as is until everything else is done.

    few questions.
    1. whats not stock on the bike?, apart from the paint job.
    2. the fuel switch, does the 'on' part point up when its on, or left, or right. as there is no indicator.
    3. how hard is it to remove the battery?

    i was born in 88', the bike was made in 88' and the jacket is out of a famous Japanese film made in.... 88'

    its done 39,500 K's, bit sus for a 21 year old bike, but whatever.


  2. What's with the big Penicillin tablet on the back of the jacket??? :LOL:
  3. He wants everyone to know that he dislikes biotics
  4. [​IMG]

    the famous Japanese movie, a replica of Kaneda's jacket.
  5. I had one of these as my first bike, the battery is under the seat, there are a couple of hex bolts under the back corners of the seat to get the seat off and then a screw driver to undo the + and - leads.

    The top of the fuel switch is the indicator, point 'on' upwards for 'on'.

    In the rear pic one of your swingarm ends looks off, better straighten this and tighten it otherwise it can get clipped by the wheel. Happened to mine.
  6. were's the sink full of 20c bits ?.
    this topic bites a$$
  7. He is the leader of a group of motorcyclists called The Capsule Gang, in the animated movie Akira.
    Illicit drugs distributed in similar looking capsules are present in the film.

    The icon is likely symbolic of night-life, partying, good-times, freedom, etc.
  8. I want that jacket. Actually I'll get TigerAngel to make me one later :D
  9. KANEEDDAA!!!!!!
  10. I rode one of them for 3 years. I still have it. Its languishing in my parking spot along with my scooter.

    Looks nice and clean that one. one of the problem I have with my 1st one which got written off in an accident was with the regulater. I learnt to be good at roll starting it. changed regulater and it didnt miss a beat. It also needed full choke to start on cold mornings.

    the second one I bought NEVER needed any choke.

    with these old bikes. it is good to know how to maintain them. and do a carby tune. after carbie tune and new engine oil, it feels like a NEW bike.

    The only thing I didnt like about the single r was the low footpegs. its relatively easy to scrap them. The RR has higher pegs.

    I will definately recommend aftermarket pegs with higher position?
  11. Is that you, Tetsuo!?! You can't handle that bike, its too much for you....

    I only like the original voices from the VCR version, which was also brought over to the DVD, thanks god, the new voices sound like crap :?

    "Red bennies... three of 'em"....

    I'd also love that jacket, and that neo-tokyo world :grin:

    Ahh, I think i'll have to wath that again tonight :)
  12. If only bikes in real life left a light trail from their tail lights :cry:
  13. In jokes?!

    You two clowns...
  14. Lines from the movie
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  16. Nice bike! I've got an CBR250R MC19 as well, had it for about 3 months and it's been awesome. Mine only had 14000ks on it when I first got it, closer to 20000 now, somehow I'm not sure it's accurate though!
    RAC do a pretty good deal on full insurance too if you're finding it hard to get it insured, I know I did.
    This site is very userful too: http://www.cr-x.org/cbr250/forum/
  17. [​IMG]

    here's that pic again.
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  19. I've got a car that was made in the year I was born. Lucky I was born in 72 and not 88 or it would be a plastic piece of shit.