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My Mojo returns!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ralph, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Following on from my previous post about losing my mojo. Had today off work and went on the exact same ride where my mojo had been lost.

    Why I felt I got my mojo back:

    As soon as i turned into pitt town road, I felt I approached the ride different, much more concentration - not to say that I wasn't concentrating last time, but this time it was much more focused. Talking to myself through each corner. Set up for the corner, set the speed, set the line, get the body weight in the right spot, be smooth and power out of the corner. And it makes all the difference.

    I think i pulled back on the speed for the first few corners, really focusing on my line and body weight and it made such a difference. I think half the reason I lost my mojo, I was going into corners too fast, and having to adjust midway through the corner, which is never a good sign. And by setting the right speed I could then ride my line, which resulted in quicker speeds through the corners.

    Also by riding by myself, I wasn't forced to think about what any other bikes were doing as in a group ride. I could just ride my 'race' for lack of a better term.

    Anyways - mojo is back! And what a great day for a ride, actually got a bit warm - spring is coming !!!

    \\:D/ :dance:
  2. Missing mojo sucks. Glad you found it again. It's pissing down in Melbourne, so enjoy the good riding weather for us.
  3. i noticed something similar the other day, out on a little bit of a ride (havent ridden much since i wrote off my bike)

    was on the old mans bike... had just had it serviced... new rear tyre etc.... and i found i was riding much more like i used to...

    was good, to get a ride in with a bit more confidence!

    enjoy the rides :)
  4. See! We told you it would eventually come back, if you backed off the pace and focussed on yr techniques :)

    Next time you lose the mojo, you have the answer to finding it again, in most cases. :)

    Well done! :)