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My Missus first Ride!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. So im off my restrictions on sunday and she will be going on the back (wether she likes it or not!)

    Shes terrified. I am experianced in riding, road and dirt.

    Anyone else had funny first times with the missus on the back?

  2. Have you had pillions before? be extra careful..

    Dont do ANYTHING stupid with her on the back.

    Unless you want to make it the last time with her on the back..
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  3. It might seem like you can get away with a fart because of the noise and vibrations of the bike, but they know, they always know. And given the bum to fanny proximity you will be in big trouble.
  4. i would inform her not to panic and fight the bike when corning.. i found that out with my misses on the back.. she would flip out and kinda counter lean the bike in the opposite direction... but now i dont even know she is on the back...tell her not to fight the bike and just lean with you.. and tell her not to put her feet down when you stop...
  5. I have NO experience as either a Pillion or having someone along for ride: one thing the Instructor did emphasise (while not condoning doing, while on restrictions, of course) if you ever DID have a Pillion: To talk them through the process, and ALWAYS mention they should be "shadowing" your body position. Basically like the above poster said, I would imagine: to stop them "Fighting" the action of the bike, and trying to lean against the turn, rather then go with.

    Other then that very limited info: all I can offer is a congratz and good luck on getting off your Restrictions!
  6. Been a Pillion once, on a mate's ex Copper BMW..initial thoughts ? Hated it - I know where my place is...at the controls - I have to be in charge.

    As others have said Fa1c0n (y)
    Have a great day out and hoping it's a magnificent and memorable occasion for you both.

  7. When I sat on a bike for the first time in my life(pillion) I cried before I even got on the bike lol He also made me get on the back whether I liked it or not.......

    I also made the rider(my friend) stop at one stage because we went around so many turns that I was feeling sick(was like a roller coaster ride) It was recorded on GO PRO footage hahha

    6 months later no more crying...I have my learners permit :) and love riding(even if it's only at HART for now).
    He is the one that is going to help me buy my gear and bike.(i'm forcing him to come shopping with me whether he likes it or not) But because he loves bikes he has offered to come with me. Yay for good friends who influence you.....not good news for my parents though
  8. This made me lol.... :p Love it.
  9. That is also my plan for her! :p
  10. I agree 100% I hate not being in control.
  11. I found when I first took inexperianced pillions it is better to instruct them to stay still rather than shadowing the rider. What sometimes happens is an inexperianced pillion will not pay full attention, get halfway through a corner and then remember to lean causing a bit of a shock to the rider as the bike suddenly changes direction.
    It depends on their position, if they have both hands around you tell them to just keep the hips limp so her body will automatially follow, or if they are sitting up and holding the side tell them to keep position and not try to lean in the corners at all.

  12. Leaning with the rider on corners was my worst nightmare! I understand how first time pillions feel, its not a good feeling.Especially when you don't know the dynamics of a bike and the whole leaning thing.

    I survived so I was gratefull! Will never forget it that's for sure!

    I held on to his body for dear life, had the sorest body at the end of the day because I was tensing my muscles so much...adrenaline rush!
  13. Take care with the helmet clashers.
  14. Madame Tash?? lol

  15. And don't forget it! lol
  16. Do you have a friend with Pillion experience who can take her for a ride first? That way she will have some experience before jumping on with you.
  17. Thats a bit of over kill. Sure it would help but taking a pillion is pretty easy. Just start off easy, and work yourself up.
  18. That would be too easy though...
    Ill be right! :p
  19. One thing I would strongly suggest!!
    I am certain there is a thread on here about pillion and what should happen and shouldnt, maybe ride in to sat morn prac session and have Doug talk you both about pillioning and get tips from more experienced people that know what they are talking about.. Wrth its weight in gold. remember bike handles totally differntly with extra weight on board..
  20. Its a nice thought.... But I think im a bit tooooo gunhoe for that.....
    Plus, shes rather nervous so anything we tell her is gunna go out the window (or visor rather) as soon as we are on the bike! haha.

    Shes going to cling to me like a fat kid to an icecream.... Lets all remeber i have a slowtorbike with a nice big pillion seat so its not so bad.