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My Midweek Getaway

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kwik, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Well I don't do this enough, and having a few days off mid-week, i decided to go walkabout.
    Decided to head up thunderbolts way up to armidale then down waterfall way to banana town and spend the night, then next day back up waterfall way to armidale, then walcha, down the oxley to port, and highway it back to newcastle, 1203km all up over 2 Days.
    The weather behaved itself, and i took it easy up to Gloucester as i saw 4 police cars on the way between hexham and gloucester,and i think of them like roos-for every one you see you probably didn't see the other- and bucketts way is crap at the moment.Time for fuel and a coffee in gloucester at roadies cafe and a drool over the classic bikes in the cafe,great coffee here. Thunderbolts is a bit average in places at each end, but not to bad in the twisty stuff,really started warming the 10 up and apart from the odd logging truck very quiet with traffic...goodbye old bill ;). After walcha it was all virgin territory for me and the 10 loved the nice long straights before uralla..very life affirming stuff. Waterfall way was at its best with stuff all traffic and dorrigo is where it gets both very scenic and awesome to ride, one of the high points of the trip.
    Got into Coffs mid arvo, time to unwind and have a few coldies. Next day took in the Waterfall way, just as good up the range then onto armidale, i really like this road, then onto walcha where the 10 got to stretch its legs again.
    The Oxley...well it's one of the great riding roads and it was awesome weather, couple of roads works with stop lights going on, but the road is in great condition and fairly quiet, highly recommend this road if you've never done it,it should be on your buckett list!!
    Back down the highway and old bill made his prescence known again with a hwy patrol car pulled over a holden ute, and a suspicious looking silver commodore with a thick black aerial sitting in a layway 5 minutes later , all up saw 6 patrol cars between port and hexham so an easy ride home it was then,bit saddle sore by then anyways.
    Batteries recharged and an awesome midweek walkabout, just thought i'd share an awesome ride.

    Roadies Cafe Gloucester:

    Waterfall way...bliss 2015-08-19 16.23.36. 20150820_093600.
    The Oxley...bike heaven!!
    Are there any hippies in Bellingen????


    Uralla. Guns&Ammo and shooting toys...shooting toys what the???
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  2. Awesome run kwik! And great pics you've included! *getting itchy me...soon me thinks. Oxley or Great Ocean?*
  3. I reckon the oxley,its silly how much fun you can have doing on or near the speed limit,so many 25-45km/h corners in a row, staying around or below 100km/h is easy. Not done the great ocean rd, that would have to be a bucket list aswell although an alpine run to get there could be just as fun haha
  4. Hahahahaha! I know what you mean. Yep. The Oxley sounds like huge fun.

    Thanks, kwik. Cheers
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  5. Great ride, roads a bit rough in places but who cares,
    Did you go visit Nat Buchanan's grave at Walcha, lots of history in that cemetary.
  6. ??? showing my ignorance there, just googled it, doh! Next time that's on my list Highett, thanks.
  7. I have to say that made me chuckle out loud
  8. I am at port and have spare beds if anyone doing oxley needs a place to sleep.
    I've been told I am not ready for the Oxley yet :( but I am the hostess with the mostest
    Glad for company as long as you leave your axe at the door :)
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  9. I don't believe that. If you can do the Putty from Windsor to Broke then the Oxley will be fine. Just don't try to be a hero or do it when the road is wet.
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  10. I have s many areas to poke unto up hete! A lot of relis around Wingham, stroud, ward's, john's river, dungog etc.
    But I just love the coast to Kew...