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My Magnetic Tank Camera Mount

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 2wheelsagain, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. I have finally got around to doing my tank cam mount. :applause:
    Mount made from, non descript audio speaker, bolt and nuts of same thread size and pitch as tripod mount, flat washer, very nice piece of pink fluffy rag.

    Speaker magnet was drilled and tapped and bolt and nuts attached. S5500 FinePix mounted on bolt as if on tripod.

    Mods to come. Nylon or rubber block between magnet and camera base to provide a more stable surface. Raise entire mount 15/20mm for better forward view. Paint the mount black.
    If you watch the video don't worry about the clunky gear change and the worst u-turn I've ever done. :oops: I was watching the camera more than I was watching what I was doing. :)


  2. +10 for the macgiver mod! So simple yet effective!

    One thing did you try a break test on a sheet of metal first? and semi rule of thumb weight that against you camera?
  3. Not exactly. I stuck the magnet on the fridge door and caused a bit of damage trying to bet the bl@@dy thing off. :!:
    Hope Mrs 2wheelsagain doesnt notice when she gets back :eek:
    It is easier to get off with the cloth under it, but its still a bl@@dy strong magnet. :)
  4. ok.... :shock: well if the magnet is that strong you really shouldnt have many problems... I see you have already considered scratches!!! Lets not see the fridge!
  5. Need a higher speed test to check vibration - oh and more lean angle to test for....well.......just so I can see it! :grin:

    Have to admit, looks like it works better than I expected a magnet mount to!
  6. Agree on the test.
    Version 2 will have some engineering mods to raise the camera and support the base of the camera on more than the tripod thread.
    Vibs wont be much of a problem on the tank. It will look worse on screen with the bars moving.
    The current test served it's purpose. :grin: Will post V2 when done.
  7. will a magnet that strong damage your camera?
  8. I'm using flash memmory in this camera. A point to consider for magnetic tape/HDD etc but can isolate with nylon or similar if required.
  9. well as well as a camera mount you also have a fuel magnet! :LOL: be sure to write it up if ou get better fuel economy!
  10. Well this morning I worked out how to get better mileage out of my front tyre but thats another story!
  11. yeah, just remember not to stop too close to any steel objects....I have this funny image in my head of your bike flipping over as you pass a solid steel door and you get pinned under it.
  12. That would be good on video :rofl:
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  14. +1 on the height.

    Great inexpensive option though.
  15. #15 2wheelsagain, Jul 1, 2007
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    Want to share your mounting pix?
    I'm glad you were inspired.
    Although like mine yours may be a little low too.
  16. #17 _joel_, Jul 1, 2007
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    nice, i kept saying to myself as you were fangin' it *clutch it, clutch it!* :grin:
    a good test i reckon!
  17. #18 Phanoongy, Jul 2, 2007
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    I was in suburban streets and trying to behave myself!
    I will post some pics when I get some batteries for the camera....it flattens them real fast