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My Lucky Day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Even though today is April 1 and we should be suspicious of all things that seem to good to be true, today must be my lucky day :!:
    It looks like I can increase my "member" by a total of 119 inches if I reply to all the emails in my yahoo inbox that guarantee me that level of success.
    I know who would win a p!ssing contest then. I'm tempted but I think I'll continue on with what I've got. I mean I wouldn't want half the population knocking my door down to try the new improved version out. Mrs 2wheels WILL have something to say about that :!: :!: :!:

    I might apply for the half a dozen or so offers of a housing loan. Pre approved of cause with interest rates so low they will be paying me.

    Bl@@dy spam.

    Should I reconsider the first offer :?: :wink:
  2. no. as a more than adequately bloke, there are a few tips I could offer on the negativities of such things.

    • women: they want it always, and you cop the ol' "just 'cause it's big, doesn't mean you have to be so lazy
      balance: you think you'll be right in life... not so with several inches of weighted sway behind you
      underwear choice: well boxers are fine, until you run. then it becomes a ball knocking game, and with a fine rod to bounce off, it's not fun. so you have a go at the good old bugies... you ain't got room for smuggling in there these days. and from a profiled perspective... tight underwear should actually touch the rest of your body, not be pushed severely ahead of you
  3. All good points flexorcist. Hadnt thought about the running bit :roll:
    Maybe a female netrider can post some thoughts. :LOL: