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My luck sucks... still

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by disassembled, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Took the bike out for a run this morning, and to the gym, no problems. Finish my workout, get back on the bike and start to ride home. Pull out of a roundabout on the bottom of the hill and the bike dies like it's run out of fuel.

    Pulled over. switched to reserve... wants to start.. but no ):

    ok, push for bit (up hill in heat) better try to start again... nope. I can smell fuel :idea: must be flooded!

    Kicked it over for a bit with the fuel off, try to start again... no :evil: have :facepalm: ](*,)

    Have a good look around under the tank to locate the fuel smell (seems too strong for flooding)

    Busted fuel line, snapped to 90 degrees... Yay. Time to pull the bike apart again.


    After pushing for about 30mins up a steep hill in 38deg heat, a bloke finally pulled over and helped me push the bike home.

    :beer: to old mate. he's not a member, but rides a CBR blackbird and drives a silver jeep. Probably lives around eltham somewhere. If anyone knows him, say thanks again for me!

    Girlfriend insists I should write a book about my luck, and adventures. Because I have the worst luck ever, but it always makes for good adventures which are fun in retrospect!
  2. Chalk another one up to Murphey's Law.

    Had to snap on a 38 degree day. :cry:

  3. Its good to see other bike riders looking after their own :)
  4. It is.

    I had a guy stop to ask if I needed help the other morning when I stupidly didn't turn the fuel tap on and was sitting there wondering why the hell the bike wouldn't start.
  5. I knew there was another reason for avoiding the gym :p
  6. wouldn't you feel drained from gym to then go and ride the bike.......perhaps i need to work on my leg muscles :-k
  7. The answer is... :furious:

    I'll go back to my cave now
  8. Try pushing a heavily-laden 750cc touring bike between Rockhampton and Mackay four kilometers to the next servo when you are wearing waterproofs.

    At the service station its an additional 15 minutes before you feel capable of directing fuel into your cap after you tip-up the tankbag.

    Curse the lack of fuel gauges on bikes in the early eighties. . . . wait . . . many touring bikes still lack them! :?
  9. And thats why they invented trip meters.
  10. Which give different final scores at highway speeds, after much around town riding. That was on the BM -- the Guzzi could do five hours of highway before needing a refill.
  11. If you know your bike you can pretty much guess what it would be like on highways.
  12. You're a glutten for punishment dude. How much more can you take before
    you work out you'd be better off getting a bike thats half bloody reliable. :LOL:
  13. Was your bike built in Khazakstan, or somewhere weird? What possible reason could you have for such a statement? The speedo is driven off a spur gear on the gearbox and records the distance travelled no matter where you're riding. Are you seriously suggesting that the odometer reads a different DISTANCE around town than on a trip?

    I don't think it's your luck that sucks.......
  14. Ummm... I'm guessing he means you get more kms out of a tank of fuel when doing hwy riding as opposed to around town. It's the km/tank that changes, not how far a km is :LOL:
  15. My last bike was an '89 RGV250 :LOL:
  16. That was magic Rev. 32. giggle.

  17. MG...where do you find all the emoticons and pictures you use to reply with. You know I only troll through the forums at night knowing your on late so I can save them so I can use them for my later post's. :p
  18. Got maybe 7-800 of em in photobucket & 1000's more on PC.
    Just couldnt be f*cked uploading em all to photobucket.

    Knocked most of em off other forums/emoticon websites etc. mooning-butt.

    so use as you please champ. fing06.
  19. Its all your fault. You were showing off by going to the gym. The bike wanted to check to see if you really had been working out or just sticking your head under the shower and then poonsing around for an hour whilst it stayed in the baking sun. :grin:
  20. Perhaps the bike though that I hadn't done enough cardio/leg training at the gym..

    Guess what... Apparently I made my fuel line a little long, and it kinda kinked. Bike pooed itself on me this morning.

    I am the coolest bush mechanic ever... roadside repair with standard tool kit and a couple of cable ties. Cable tied a key to the kinked fuel line as a splint... which worked (temporarily) :LOL:

    Then it died again trying to turn right from springvale rd, to cantebury rd. Actually needed to phone a mate with tools to actually fix it this time. And no probs from there on.

    All good fun in retrospect, despite being somewhat embarrasing.