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My (LKC73) off "UPDATE"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LKC73, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, Im now back at home after a better part of a week in hospital.

    I'll first shed some light on what I think happened to myself, which was a simple mistake!

    I put way to much trust on a brand new rear tyre! (180km's old) SIMPLE

    I come to the corner and lowsided the bike off a 10 meter drop into a creek. Now this is what I thought happened, and the police report pretty much come back the same. No charges had been laid.

    I did thought I blacked out, but after some tests it was the knock on the head which has lost most of my memory of the event. In fact the last thing I remember of the day was leaving loftus oval and going throught the RNP gates, thats all I have, and then from there crawling out of the creek.

    As for my injuries, I have 3 broken ribs on my right, 2 broken vertibra L1 L2 (this isnt as bad as it sounds, the winglets of the vertibra are borken only) internal injuires such as splene damage. Concussion and memeory loss, muscle bruising on the right side of my neck to shoulder.

    I will be ok, and want to thank the guys that called me an ambo, Tekinic, Geremy, and all the boys. I did crap on while in shock (normal stuff) and i really didnt want anyone to go down on this ride, but shit happens, and I'll learn from my mistakes & errors. Im just glad to be here to let you know i will be ok.

    Small side note, bike is a write off, and is fully insured. bye bye Tammy, I will miss you..... :cry:
  2. ahhh well, could have been worse mate.
    glad to hear you are alive and well.

    also......BIKE SHOPPING TIME!!
  3. did you use a 250 or r6?
  4. She was a pretty blue R6.
  5. Hope you and your bike go strong again soon mate. It was sort of suprising to see you sitting at the top there while your bike was in a poor shape, seemed lucky.

    Good luck with everything anyway.
  6. fuggin good to hear you are alright mate, i never got a hold of sandy or cori. just aswell the ambo was called. how much did the ambo ride cost ya in the end? sounds like the internal injuries werent too bad for what it was? i couldnt believe it when you were walking around after seeing where the bike ended up!
    all the best.

  7. Howdy Luke,

    Finally some news on your condition. There have been a few of us trying to contact you......too busy playing with the nurses I bet :) Since you can't remember anything from the gates onwards I would just like to remind you of that bet we had .... I think it was $1000.00 on St Kilda win last night !!! I'll collect later! (good try you say!) :LOL: Anyways good to hear you're out and about... and nothing life threatening. I suppose you've browsed the thread .... caused quite a stir, but positive things came out of it! Looked for you at Coles a few times... bikeless of course. Speak soon.

  8. Good to see you're mostly alright Luke. I hope you know how lucky you were mate, and :woot: new bike time!? :LOL:
  9. Luke, glad to hear that you are okay man! thank god :)

    dom and i tried to contact your mates, didn't manage to get through to them. in hindsight, luckily the ambo came given the injuries you had.

    hope you will have a speedy recovery, look forward seeing you back on the road soon.

    take care dude. :wink:
    love luke
  11. Was this the blue r6 with the blue screen?
  12. Luke mate - good to hear from you. You're a friggin soldier man getting back up and trying to walk around - I had to tell you to sit down a coupla times!!!

    good to hear you're o'k' - better the bike than you mate!
  13. Good to hear you are on the mend Luke.
  14. One of the biggest stacks Ive seen .. good to see you posting already.
    I was checking out the rear tyre & could see it was a brand spanker .. the thought did cross my mind, Steve also mentioned it was new.
    I give you a stuntman double thumbs up..
  15. I do know how very very lucky I was to make it out as light as I did. And as far as ambo costs go, no bill as yet, but i dont care, better them take me then give myself more damage trying anything else.

    Thanks for all the well wish's also people, its this that will help me get back on again.
  16. Oh man from those pics, so thats what happens when you go flying off the side of the road with a steep decent! Considering the damage to the bike, you are very lucky to be alive!
  17. Its good to ear your ok buddy and its a shame to see another yamy all smashed up :cry: by the look of it you were very lucky to come out of it the way you did!

    those ribs take some healing, and your lucky not to have lost a spleen :LOL: :LOL:

    mend well and fast

  18. Good to see back .
    Man ,It was a big drop ,with a shit load of rocks down there ,the gods were on your side that day. :grin:
  19. [​IMG]

    Seriously though, going by those pics, very glad to hear you are up and around to tell the tale! :shock: